China News Service, June 29th:

A shares weakened, the Shanghai index fell below 3400 again, and the new energy vehicle sector suffered setbacks

  Xie Yiguan, a reporter from China-Singapore Finance and Economics

  After the rise in the past few days, on June 29, the three major A-share stock indexes fluctuated and fell during the session, and the new energy vehicle sector, which had soared before, suffered a heavy setback.

  As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.40% to 3361.52 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.20% to 12696.50 points; the ChiNext Index fell 2.53% to 2768.61 points, falling below 2800 points.

A-share closing performance.

  Over 4,000 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell, and 47 stocks fell by the limit, but the trading volume still exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan throughout the day.

  Northbound funds ended sharp net purchases for 4 consecutive days, and net sales of 1.683 billion yuan all day on the 29th.

Judging from the changes in northbound funds throughout the day, after the net outflow of more than 3 billion yuan in the morning, there was a phenomenon of rushing and copying the chassis in the late trading.

As of the 29th, the accumulative net inflow of funds from northbound capital in June exceeded 70 billion yuan, and the monthly net purchase amount reached a new high for the year.

  On the disk, in terms of industry sectors, automobiles fell by more than 6%, and sectors such as mineral products, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and electrical equipment also fell the most.

  In terms of concept sectors, driverless vehicles, super capacitors, new energy vehicles, and lithium batteries suffered heavy setbacks.

More than 20 related stocks, including Changan Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Group, and Xiaokang Co., Ltd., fell by the limit.

  The performance of Hong Kong stocks was also sluggish. As of press time, the Hang Seng Index fell by more than 1%, and the Hang Seng Technology Index fell by more than 3%.

Hong Kong auto stocks suffered collective setbacks, with NIO-SW, Great Wall Motors, Li Auto-SW, and Xpeng Motors-SW all plummeting.

  U.S. stocks closed down overnight. After the Nasdaq fell nearly 3%, on the 29th, other Asia-Pacific markets, the Nikkei, the Korea Composite Index, the Australian Ordinary Stock Index, and the New Zealand stock market NZ50 index fell one after another.

  After the European stock market opened on the 29th, the British FTSE index, the French CAC index and the German DAX index also fell.

  "Overall, under the background that the current valuation of A shares is still cheap, funds will still show the characteristics of gradual inflow." Bohai Securities believes that affected by this, the Shanghai index will still be on an upward trend, but it will gradually increase with the increase. , the market differences will intensify, and will gradually show the characteristics of shock and slow rise.

In addition, with the repair of the index, the structural characteristics of the market will become more obvious, and the importance of configuration will be further enhanced.

(Zhongxin Finance)