A general meeting of shareholders was held in Toshiba, where management turmoil continues, and a personnel case was approved by a majority in favor of accepting two executives as outside directors from an investment fund of "shareholders who say things."

Toshiba is soliciting strategies to increase corporate value from outside, and on the 28th, the appointed director will proceed with the selection.

Toshiba's general meeting of shareholders was held in Tokyo from 10 am.

At the general meeting of shareholders, a person proposed by the company to accept two executives from the investment fund of "shareholders who say things" who are in conflict with the company, in addition to President Taro Shimada and Vice President Goro Yanase as new directors. The case was consulted.

At the general meeting, President Taro Shimada said, "I think it is the best from the perspective of examining strategic options for improving Toshiba's corporate value and improving governance = corporate governance," and asked for understanding.

Regarding the two people who accept from shareholders who say things, it was an unusual situation that an outside director from a lawyer opposed the appointment due to fairness with other shareholders before the general meeting, but as a result of the vote, The election of all members, including these two, was approved by a majority.

Toshiba is soliciting strategies to increase its corporate value, including becoming an unlisted company, and has received 10 proposals so far.

From now on, on the 28th, the newly appointed directors will proceed with full-scale selection.