China News Service, June 28. On the 28th, at a series of press conferences on the theme of "China's Ten Years", Zhao Chenxin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, faced with changes in the international environment and economic performance. With the new situation and new characteristics, macro-control pays more attention to five aspects: first, clarifying the concept of control, second, innovating the idea of ​​control, third, focusing on accurate control, fourth, enriching control tools, and fifth, strengthening the synergy of control.

  Zhao Chenxin further introduced that in clarifying the concept of regulation and control, we always adhere to the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, promote high-quality development, give full play to the strategic guiding role of the national development plan, strengthen the macro guidance of the annual plan, and pay more attention to overall development and safety. , and firmly hold the bottom line that no systemic risk occurs.

  In terms of innovative control ideas, adhere to seeking truth from facts, proceed from reality, adhere to the principle of stability, and seek progress while maintaining stability, strengthen directional control, camera control, and precise control on the basis of interval control, and

do not engage in "flooding"-style strong stimulation , relying more on reform and innovation methods and making more use of market forces


  In the focus of precise control, we should accurately grasp the changes in the main contradiction of development, focus on accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, firmly adhere to the main line of deepening supply-side structural reform, firmly grasp the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, and focus on improving Greater efforts should be made to improve the quality of the supply system and smooth the internal and external circulation of the economy, and promote the formation of a higher-level dynamic balance in which supply creates demand and demand drives supply.

  In terms of enriching control tools, we will coordinate to stabilize growth, promote reform, adjust structure, benefit people's livelihood, prevent risks, and maintain stability, maintain continuous and stable macro policies, implement large-scale tax and fee reductions, innovate structural monetary policy tools, and reform Loan market quotation interest rate formation mechanism.

Focus on structural contradictions and improve policies on science and technology, industry, regions, and environmental protection


  In enhancing the synergy of regulation and control, strengthen the linkage between the upper and lower levels and the coordination of departments, pay attention to internal and external coordination, strengthen the overall coordination of policies in various fields, and do a good job in policy evaluation and pre-research reserves.

Emphasis is placed on "one point deployment and nine points implementation". All major plans, major reforms, and major policies have clear timetables and roadmaps, detailed division of responsibilities, and incentives to act.

  Zhao Chenxin proposed that in the next step, we will closely combine domestic and foreign environmental changes, further innovate the ideas and methods of macro-control, and promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the economy.

(Zhongxin Finance)