The G7 countries support Chancellor Olaf Scholz's proposal to set up an international climate club.

In a separate statement at the G7 summit that ended Tuesday, it was said that this club should have three goals: promoting renewable energies and climate protection measures, joint decarbonization of industrial sectors and increased international agreements.

Scholz had proposed an open and integrative climate club to develop comparable standards in climate protection efforts.

The USA in particular had reservations because they do not have a CO2 tax like the EU does.

The Chancellor, on the other hand, justified his idea precisely with the fact that the different national efforts needed to be compared in order to avoid a trade war over climate protection measures.

The G7 countries had already made a clear commitment to the climate protection goals that had been set.

The global average temperature increase must be kept well below two degrees, according to a second statement.

The G7 countries wanted to continue their efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

A “clean and just transition to climate neutrality” must be accelerated.

At the same time, however, energy security must be guaranteed.

The background is considerations of temporarily investing in fossil fuels again in order to become independent of Russian oil and gas more quickly - without endangering the climate protection goals.