55% of travelers in the country prefer to rely on digital applications for travel

A recent study by Cisco International for Systems and Technical Solutions revealed that a large number of travelers have recently become more and more dependent on smart digital applications and services to plan, book and organize their travel trips.

The study launched by the company yesterday, and "Emirates Today" obtained a copy of its data, revealed that 55% of the participants at the same time do not intend to carry any paper tickets with them on their next vacation, and instead will rely entirely on airline, travel and wallet applications. Digital and email for the duration of their journey.

The company explained that the study included 4,000 people from the UAE, UK, France and Germany markets, and discovered that most of those surveyed now prefer the digital experience by using applications for most of their travel needs.

Almost every aspect of the travel experience can now be assisted or improved through the use of digital solutions, from searching to planning potential destinations, managing reservations and purchasing tickets, to COVID-19 vaccination status updates, checking the weather forecast and choosing holiday outfits.

She pointed out that 83% of the region's residents are looking forward to spending their vacation this year, and it was found that digital applications and solutions play a major role in the travel experience of 71% of the participants in the study, while consumers will use an average of 25 different digital services and applications to help them plan and book according to the results of the research. Traveling for their next vacation.

The study showed that 80% of the study participants say that they will use the applications to prove their vaccination status against the Covid-19 virus.

As a result, the impact of poorly performing applications is a major obstacle for travelers.

And 70% of them indicated that their vacation would be disrupted if the flight, train or hotel reservation application stopped working.

41% of respondents said it could potentially spoil the entire trip, and when they encountered problems with an app while planning their travels, 37% said they would immediately switch to an alternative app.

While only 6% of those surveyed said they would contact the company that provides this poorly performing digital service.

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