The government has a policy of requesting disclosure of "investment in people" in order to enhance the competitiveness of Japanese companies.

We will officially summarize the items that will be reflected by the company's investment in people, such as whether employees are satisfied with their work and whether they are training to improve their skills, as a guideline next month.

“Investing in people” is the idea of ​​considering employees as investment targets that increase corporate value, not costs.

Overseas, there is a growing tendency for investors to see whether they are spending money on training employees and creating a comfortable working environment as the growth potential of the company.

In response to this trend, the government plans to require companies to disclose "investment in people" in order to increase the competitiveness of Japanese companies.

We will officially summarize it next month as a guideline.

Specifically, we list a

wide range of items such as

▽ skill improvement training content,

▽ time and cost for training,

▽ employee satisfaction with work and company


▽ salary gap between men and women, and

▽ turnover rate.

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In addition, when disclosing information, it will be easier for investors to understand it by clearly showing its relevance to management strategy.

In addition, the Financial Services Agency has stated that some items will be required to be included in securities reports by listed companies.

Not only financial indicators such as sales and profits, but also the degree of investment in employees is likely to become more important in evaluating a company in the future.