Zhongxin Finance, June 27. The website of the National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center announced on the 27th the price comparison of pig feed, chicken feed and egg feed in the fourth week of June 2022.

As of the week of June 22, 2022, the national pig feed price ratio was 4.73, a month-on-month increase of 2.83%.

According to the current price and cost,

the future profit of pig breeding head will be 226.97 yuan.

Domestic pig prices are mainly on the rise


With the weakening of local control, the demand in the terminal market has recovered slightly. At the beginning of the week, the operating rate of slaughter companies has picked up moderately, and the bullish sentiment of breeding units has become stronger, driving the price of pigs in the north to rise strongly, which is transmitted to the south.

However, due to the relatively abundant source of pigs in the south, the price of pigs has risen significantly slower than that in the north.

From the perspective of next week, the bullish sentiment in the industry remains unabated, and

it is expected that the short-term pig price may fluctuate slowly



Pig feed price information, picture source: National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center