“Already a few months ago we prevented the possibility of being blackmailed by the energy crisis.

Namely, we arranged it for ourselves, without anyone's help.

Especially without the participation of Russia.

Everything went easier than you could imagine, ”Piasta said.

He recalled that "in the name of the eco-madness of the European Union" Poland abandoned coal as an energy source, and then stopped importing energy resources from Russia.

Earlier, the Russian company Gazprom announced a complete suspension of gas supplies to the Polish PGNiG, as the latter refused to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

The Polish oil and gas concern PGNiG will allocate more than $160 million for the expansion of oil and gas fields.

Piotr Naimsky, Commissioner of the Polish Government for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, said that the country is able to survive in the absence of Russian gas supplies.