[Explanation] In order to promote the growth of automobile consumption, optimize the structure of automobiles, and encourage the replacement of passenger cars with new energy passenger cars, seven departments including the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce recently jointly issued the "Beijing's Plan for Encouraging Automobile Replacement and Consumption" (hereinafter referred to as "" Consumption Plan"), eligible car owners can get a subsidy of 8,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan.

On June 27, the reporter took to the streets of Beijing and interviewed several citizens at random. All the citizens expressed their support for the consumption plan.

  [Concurrent] Citizen Mr. Liang

  If there is such a subsidy, I will (start) consider (purchase).

It has stair charging, and it's cheap to charge at night.

I read on the Internet that I ran 600 kilometers with full electricity, and only used 80 yuan for electricity.

  [Concurrent] Citizen Ms. Ma

  I would definitely consider it, we have two cars but both are petrol cars.

If various conditions such as the convenience of charging piles are (get) resolved, I would definitely prefer to change to a tram.

  [Concurrent] Citizen Ms. Liu

  Now, oil prices are indeed relatively expensive. From the perspective of low carbon and environmental protection, in the future, if everyone wants the air to be good and everything is good, it may be better for everyone to use trams.

  [Explanation] Consumers' affirmation of new energy vehicles is also reflected in sales.

The staff of Yixin Energy Automobile brand said that since June this year, the order volume of the brand's stores in Beijing has increased significantly.

  [Concurrent] Wu Xiaowei, Senior Manager of Regional Public Relations Communication of Xiaopeng Motors

  From the beginning of June, we can see an obvious improvement in the entire data. For example (from) our single-day sales on a weekend last week, we basically have a single-day order volume in the Beijing area. Can reach 60 to 80 (cars).

  [Explanation] The staff member also reminded consumers that many brands currently have additional subsidies for customers who have replacement needs, which can be used in addition to the "Consumption Plan" just released.

  [Concurrent] Wu Xiaowei, Senior Manager of Regional Public Relations Communication of Xiaopeng Motors

  Because it is equivalent to our own subsidy for customers who have replacement needs, and then this and the newly issued car replacement sales plan can be superimposed.

Therefore, in response to this situation, for example, customers who have the need to replace models, when we introduce our own replacement policy to them, we must simultaneously inform users that there is such a subsidy policy now.

  [Explanation] How to determine the applicable time limit for subsidies?

What should car owners pay attention to?

The reporter contacted Zhang Xiang, a researcher at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center of North China University of Technology.

Experts remind that consumers must complete the relevant procedures within 7 months to apply for the corresponding subsidies.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xiang, researcher at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center, North China University of Technology

  Everyone should note that according to the regulations, the procedures are completed between 0:00 on June 1st this year and 24:00 on December 31st this year. In layman's terms, this year should have a period of 7 months.

During this period, the owner must complete the procedures for scrapping or transferring out the old car, and at that time, the relevant certificate should be photographed and uploaded.

In addition, the purchase procedures for the new energy passenger car must be completed, and the car purchase invoice must also be photographed and uploaded at that time. Pay attention to the node at this time.

Now our policy gives car owners 7 months, which should be enough to complete the formalities by the end of this year.

  [Explanation] In addition, experts also remind consumers that this subsidy application is processed online, and there are three main ways.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xiang, researcher at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center, North China University of Technology

  The first is to use the applet. We search for "green delivery vehicles", and then enter the applet after searching, and then operate on this.

The second is to download the "Green Delivery Vehicle" APP.

The third web version is to access the "Beijing Automobile Replacement Management System".

At present, these three ways have covered all the ways that our car buyers may use, which is quite convenient.

  Reported by Chi Hanyu in Beijing

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]