Original title: Remote control to assist in answering questions!

The case of cheating in the recruitment examination of the rural commercial bank has been investigated, two people have been arrested, and the scores of the 12 candidates involved in the case have been invalidated

  After a lapse of one month, Anhui Rural Commercial Bank's recruitment examination cheating storm finally made new progress!

  On June 24, the official website of the Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives Association issued a notice. On the evening of May 28, the agency found out that "Anhui Rural Commercial Banks are suspected of cheating in the examination" and other public opinions, and immediately joined the examination agency at 22 o'clock that night. Report the case to the public security organ, and organize forces to conduct a comprehensive review of the examination surveillance video of all candidates, and actively cooperate with the investigation.

  Recently, the public security organ reported the case investigation situation to the agency. The task force has arrested 2 criminal suspects. It was verified that a total of 12 candidates participated in cheating in this case.

12 people involved in cheating

  According to the latest information released by the Anhui Rural Credit Union, "Anhui Rural Commercial Bank Examination Suspected Candidates Cheating" quickly spread on the Internet, and the society and the examination agency reported the case to the public security organ at 22 o'clock that night.

  At present, the task force has arrested 2 suspects, and it has been verified that a total of 12 candidates participated in cheating in this case.

  The report stated that the criminal suspect Li Moumou (male, 26 years old, product manager of an Internet company in Shenzhen) contacted 4 candidates who applied for the Anhui Rural Commercial Bank through the Internet, and after the start of the examination, the 4 candidates cooperated to remotely control his computer. Desktop assistance with answering questions.

At the same time, Li Moumou also sold screenshots of the questions he answered to another suspect, Sun Moumou.

  The suspect, Sun Moumou (female, 23 years old, from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is the actual user of the QQ account and Alipay account in the screenshot of the online test question), after receiving the screenshot of the answer sent by Li Moumou after the test started, Sell ​​the answers made by Li Moumou in the QQ group that was built in advance.

It was found out that a total of 8 people cheated by purchasing test answers from Sun Mou through QQ.

  The Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives Union stated that at present, all the results of cheating candidates have been treated as invalid.

In the next step, the agency will carry out follow-up work openly, fairly and impartially, and resolutely put an end to violations of laws and regulations.

Real-time monitoring of online exams

  It is understood that on May 28, in a QQ group called "5.28 Anhui Rural Commercial Bank ⑤", someone sent out the so-called "answer" of the recruitment test 6 minutes after the written test started.

The publisher also stated in the group that after the problem-solving information is sent out, if the payment is not made within 5 minutes, he will be kicked out of the group chat.

Another screenshot shows the operation tips to avoid the dual-camera proctoring.

  At that time, the relevant staff of the Anhui Provincial Associated Press responded to the media that they had called the police and are currently waiting for the police to investigate, and follow-up actions will be made according to the results of the investigation.

  According to the "Anhui Rural Commercial Bank System 2022 Social Recruitment Online Exam Notice" previously released by Anhui Provincial Associated Press, the official exam time for this exam is: May 28 (Saturday) 15:00-16:30.

  "Considering the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, in order to fully protect the health of candidates and reduce the flow and gathering of people, after comprehensive research and judgment, this recruitment examination will be conducted online." The agency said that in order to create a fair and equitable examination environment, this field The exam will use face recognition to verify the identity of the candidates. During the exam, it will be monitored in real time by means of AI invigilation technology and manual remote invigilation.

  In the examination notice, the Anhui Provincial Association made it clear: this examination does not specify any reference books, and does not entrust any institution or individual to carry out relevant training services.

Any tutoring classes, tutoring websites, public accounts or publications issued in the name of "Anhui Rural Commercial Bank System 2022 Social Recruitment" appearing in the society are not related to this exam.

(Author: Shi Yan)