[Economic Observation] "One-click unbinding" of mobile phone and Internet accounts is worth looking forward to

  According to media reports, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has recently launched a "one-click unbinding" function. Users can query the registered and bound Internet application accounts through their mobile phone numbers, and choose whether to release the binding between their mobile phone numbers and related Internet application accounts. or relationship.

  The service is in the trial run and testing period and still needs further iteration and improvement.

The service currently provided is to release the association between the Internet application accounts registered and bound with the mobile phone numbers that I have used and now do not use. There are only a few Internet application accounts that can be selected to be unbound.

But the service is still attracting cheers on social media, and is even regarded by some as "the most anticipated service."

  An important reason why users look forward to a service that is not yet perfect is that this service directly hits a long-term unsolved pain point in the Internet field - account binding is easy to log out and difficult to log out.

  At present, with the vigorous development of the Internet economy, various Internet applications to meet the different needs of users are increasing.

As of the end of April, the number of APPs monitored in my country's domestic market was 2.31 million, a net increase of 10,000 in April.

Under the background of the Internet real-name system, users must bind their mobile phone numbers to many Internet application accounts.

  Some of the Internet applications registered by users are only used occasionally or periodically. As the number increases, if they do not log out in time, they may forget it.

Therefore, users have the need to inquire about the number of accounts bound to their mobile phone numbers and to cancel accounts.

At the same time, users who change their mobile phone numbers due to job transfer and other reasons also need to unbind the accounts bound to their old mobile phone numbers.

  However, for reasons such as retaining users, many Internet service providers have set up many obstacles for users to cancel their accounts, making it difficult to unbind users' mobile phone numbers.

An evaluation conducted by the China Consumers Association showed that 20 of the 50 APPs tested had different degrees of problems in terms of whether they could successfully cancel their APP accounts, including unspecified cancellation conditions, unreasonable cancellation conditions, and unreasonable cancellation process settings.

  The account cannot be cancelled, which means that the user's "traces" on the Internet cannot be eliminated, which increases the risk of user privacy and personal information leakage.

After some mobile phone numbers are abandoned by the original user and then re-enter the number selection system, the next user will receive various spam text messages; there was a user who wanted to register a Weibo account with a new mobile phone number, but logged in to the original user with a verification code account; some users use the newly processed mobile phone number to swipe the Alipay bound to the previous user...

  Internet service providers deprive users of the right to "say goodbye" or set up various barriers to "breakup", which is unfair and non-compliant.

On the one hand, openness is one of the spiritual cores of the Internet.

Some Internet applications are easy to register and difficult to cancel, and users are not free to come and go, which obviously violates this spirit.

On the other hand, the "Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information of Telecommunications and Internet Users" clearly stipulates that telecommunications business operators and Internet information service providers shall stop the collection and use of users' personal information after users terminate the use of telecommunications services or Internet information services. And provide users with the service of canceling the number or account.

  It can be said that the "one-click unbinding" mobile phone number of an Internet account is just what the user needs.

Look forward to the continuous improvement of related services, and to do practical and good deeds well.

  Du Xin