Beijing's first ordinary car lottery this year, more than 60% of the indicators were selected by "car-free families"

  This year, the first phase of the general passenger car index lottery was held this morning, and 585,000 families applied for the current family ordinary passenger car indicator.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Passenger Vehicle Indicator Office that a total of 14,300 family and individual ordinary passenger car indicators are allocated in this issue, and family applicants and individual applicants are in the same pool.

Judging from the on-site configuration results of the lottery, among the 14,300 indicators, 9,126 household indicators and 5,174 individual indicators were allocated. Over 60% of the indicators were selected by "car-free families", and the probability of winning the lottery for families was higher than that of individuals.

  According to the new lottery policy, by giving "car-free families" a significantly higher lottery winning rate than the ordinary index of individuals, priority is given to solving the car ownership needs of the "car-free families" group.

 1. How to check the progress of the verification

  For the families that have won the lottery, the kinship and marital status of the family applicants shall be checked by the Municipal Public Security Population Management Department and the Civil Affairs Department.

  Family applicants can log in to the user center on the website of the Beijing Municipal Passenger Vehicle Indicator Regulation and Management Information System website (, hereinafter referred to as “the website for passenger vehicle indicators”), and enter the user center after configuring indicators. Click "My Family Application" in the functional area, click the "View Application Form" button for each family applicant in the family applicant list, and you can view the verification instructions below the application form.

If you are notified that you need to bring relevant materials to the site for verification, please follow the prompts to handle it in time.

 2. Arrangement of verification work

  If the household registrations of all applicants in the family are registered in the same city household register, and the household head applicant is the head of the household, the family relationship verification status will be announced before July 20, 2022.

If the household registration of the family applicant is not in the same municipal household registration booklet, manual verification shall be carried out by the municipal public security population management department.

Due to the large workload and time-consuming verification, the verification results will be announced before August 5, 2022.

Please wait patiently for relevant applicants.

  If the family applicant is a household registration person in this city, and the marriage registration year is earlier than 2000, or the marriage registration place is other provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, foreign countries, etc. Relevant applicants are notified to bring materials to the window set up by the civil affairs department for on-site inspection.

Applicants need to make an online appointment in advance, and check on-site according to the appointment time.

The reservation method is the website version reservation (Beijing marriage registration reservation service> passenger car verification reservation) and WeChat official account reservation (WeChat official account search "Beijing" "Marriage Registration" --> Appointment --> Passenger Vehicle Verification Appointment).

On-site verification of marital status can be handled during the external service hours of the marriage registration authority from July 5, 2022 to July 5, 2023.

Please make a reservation in advance and arrive at off-peak hours.

If the marital status has passed the on-site verification of the civil affairs department, you can log in to the passenger car indicator website to check the verification results after 5 working days.

  After the kinship and marital status of all family applicants have been verified in accordance with the above methods, if the relevant information of family applicants cannot be verified, the family applicants will be notified through the minibus indicator website one after another from August 1.

The main applicant of the family can voluntarily follow the prompts on the website and apply for notarization online or on-site to the relevant notary institutions in this city.

If the notarization is completed and the notarization certificate has been submitted, you can log in to the passenger car index website to check the verification results after 1-3 working days.

  The application information filled in by family applicants shall be true and accurate, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information filled in.

The family applicant shall bear the consequences of failing to pass the kinship or marital status verification due to the wrong information filled in by the family applicant.

  3. After the verification is passed, how to print the indicator confirmation notice

  If all family applicants have passed the kinship and marital status verification, the main family applicant can log in to the passenger car index website account to enter the user center after 1-3 working days, and configure the index function area "My index" module , download and print the "Family Passenger Car Configuration Indicator Confirmation Notice".

  Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Sun Hongyang