China News Service, Hangzhou, June 25th (Reporter Wang Tiqi) "There are thirty-six West Lakes in the world, and Hangzhou is the best among them." On the evening of June 24, "World Cultural Heritage "Hangzhou West Lake" Commemorative Coins" (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou West Lake" "West Lake Commemorative Coins") world premiere event was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, with a limited edition of 200,000 coins.

  On June 24, 2011, at the 35th UNESCO World Heritage Conference held in Paris, France, Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Landscape was officially included in the "World Heritage List".

Since 2020, June 24 has been established as "Hangzhou West Lake Day".

"West Lake Commemorative Coin".

Photo by Wang Gang

  The beauty of West Lake can be admired by all people in the world.

In the 11 years since its inscription on the World Heritage List, Hangzhou West Lake has actively become a cultural transmitter, constantly carrying out cooperation and exchanges, planning various cultural activities, promoting Chinese culture, telling Hangzhou stories well, and promoting mutual learning among civilizations.

  It is reported that the "West Lake Commemorative Coin" is a world cultural heritage commemorative coin issued by UNESCO and minted by the Mint of Paris, France.

The obverse of "West Lake Commemorative Coin".

Photo by Wang Gang

  The reporter noticed that the obverse pattern of the commemorative coin is composed of the core landscape of Hangzhou West Lake, the three pools with the moon, the wind lotus in the Quyuan, the jade belt Qinghong, the Jixian Pavilion, the Hangzhou city flower - osmanthus, the Chinese and French words "Hangzhou West Lake", and the year of issue. The UNESCO logo, the World Heritage inscription and the globe are engraved on the back, with a face value of 1/4 euro.

  Chen Zhihao, director of the creative research and development office of Zhejiang Stamp Bureau, told reporters that as a unit that excavates local culture and strives to issue cultural carriers such as stamps and commemorative coins, this "West Lake Commemorative Coin" is the result of their joint efforts from all parties to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The organization actively strives for authorized distribution.

Under the influence of the global epidemic situation, it is even more difficult.

  At the same time, he said that compared with the circulation of other commemorative coins in China, the limited issuance of 200,000 "West Lake commemorative coins" highlights the rarity.

They will make good use of the limited cultural resources, design the carrier, and do a good job in cultural publicity for West Lake, Hangzhou and Zhejiang.

The reverse side of the "West Lake Commemorative Coin".

Photo by Wang Gang

  In order to increase the collection value and fun of "West Lake Commemorative Coins", the collection book of "Impression of West Lake" was released simultaneously on the same day.

It is reported that in the collection book, the "West Lake Commemorative Coin" is embedded in it, along with a limited-edition stamp of "The Most Memories of Hangzhou" and a postcard of the West Lake Jade Belt Bridge pen painting.

  In addition, Chen Zhihao revealed that the "West Lake Commemorative Coins" will also be combined with the Asian Games and other related content to increase the value and fun of collections, expand the scope of collection groups, and further enhance the spread of West Lake culture with "West Lake Commemorative Coins" as the carrier.