Summer grain harvest is hard-won

  Recently, a wheat field in Gaoyu Village, Meihua Town, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province ushered in the harvest.

Deng Jinghui, a major grain grower, has circulated 600 mu of arable land in the village. Referring to the continuous autumn flood last year, this grain-growing veteran still remembers freshly, "It's been 15 days since I planted the land, and I haven't sown so late for so long, and I'm very anxious. . After careful management, it now seems that the yield per unit has increased compared to last year, and it is another bumper year."

  The executive meeting of the State Council held a few days ago pointed out that this year's summer grain wheat production increase and bumper harvest is a foregone conclusion, the quality is better than normal, the output of miscellaneous grains and soybeans has increased slightly, the output of rapeseed has increased significantly, nearly 80% of corn has been sown in summer, and early rice and autumn grains are growing well.

The bumper harvest of summer grain and the hard-won foundation of autumn grain provided a solid support for the stable grain production throughout the year.

  Scientific disaster relief achieves a bumper harvest

  "Scientific anti-flood and disaster reduction has preserved the sown area, accurate guidance and services have implemented key measures, the integration of improved seeds and good practices has promoted the transformation of seedling conditions, and the demonstration of high quality and high yield has led to a balanced increase in yield." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that although wheat production started very well It is unfavorable, but the transformation of the seedlings in the middle and late stages is good, and the field growth is better than expected and better than normal.

Objectively speaking, the matching of light, temperature and water is better after the spring, which makes up for the shortage before winter; the grouting time is long and the intensity is high, which increases the grain weight.

Subjectively speaking, this year, we adopted unprecedented policies and scientific and effective technologies, which reversed the unfavorable situation and finally achieved a bumper harvest.

  A few days ago, 55,200 mu of wheat in Laozhaozhuang Town, Linqing City, Shandong Province, has been returned to the warehouse.

According to Liu Dianfeng, the mayor of Lao Zhaozhuang Town, relying on strengthening field management, coupled with the national promotion of "one spray and three defenses", the insects have achieved food.

During the wheat management period, the local area overcame the impact of last year's autumn flood, mobilized grass-roots agricultural technology to guide farmers to strengthen seedlings through technology, used drones to spray foliar fertilizers, and implemented the "one spray and three preventions" for wheat, and stripe rust and scab were effectively prevented. prevention and control.

  This year, the central government has allocated 1.6 billion yuan to support the full coverage of wheat in the main producing areas with "one spray and three defenses", which has a significant effect on increasing wheat production in the later stage.

The comparative experiments of experts in many places show that after "one spray and three defenses", the grain filling time of wheat in the main producing areas is extended by 3 days, and the grain filling strength is increased by 5.7%. According to the calculation of the average increase of 1000-grain weight in the main producing areas, it can make up for the loss of 30.2% of the yield of weak seedlings in the early stage. billion kilograms.

Data show that the country has implemented a total of 750 million mu of wheat pests and diseases prevention and control, and the actual occurrence of 450 million mu, a year-on-year decrease of more than 20%.

  In order to protect the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain, the minimum purchase price of wheat this year is 2 cents higher than last year.

In order to alleviate the impact of rising prices of agricultural materials, while stabilizing subsidies for the protection of arable land, the central government issued a one-time subsidy of 30 billion yuan in two batches to actual grain farmers.

  Not only is there a grain subsidy, but there is also "value insurance" for wheat.

This year, the state promotes full cost insurance for the three major grain crops in all major grain-producing counties in the 13 main producing areas.

In Sichuan, 76 major grain-producing counties have implemented full cost insurance, of which the insurance amount per mu of wheat has been increased to 1,100 yuan, doubling the level of insurance over last year.

  Good quality food at good price

  The output is guaranteed, and it has to be sold at a good price.

  Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City is one of the largest strong-gluten wheat planting bases in the country.

Yang Haichuan, director of the Agricultural Science Institute of Gaocheng District, told reporters that the key to increasing farmers' income and improving the quality of wheat is to ensure the variety.

In recent years, strong gluten wheat varieties have emerged.

The Gaoyou 2018 high-quality strong gluten wheat independently developed by the Gaocheng District Agricultural Science Institute has good stress resistance and stability, and is welcomed by local farmers.

The flour mill buys it at a price higher than ordinary wheat by one dime per kilogram. Based on the yield of more than 1,000 kilograms per mu, farmers can sell more than 100 yuan per mu of land.

  This year, a number of leading high-quality varieties such as Zhongmai 578, Zhengmai 379 and Xinong 511 have been promoted throughout the country.

A few days ago, the National Crop Variety Approval Committee approved 176 new wheat varieties, of which 11 varieties reached the standard of high-quality strong gluten, 27 varieties reached the standard of high-quality medium and strong gluten, and 3 varieties reached the standard of high-quality weak gluten.

  The relevant person in charge of COFCO Group introduced that this year's summer grain purchases showed a trend of "three highs" in quality, quantity and price. The quality of wheat was better, the output was higher, and the price was higher.

On the basis of the preliminary investigation, COFCO has prepared sufficient storage points and warehouse capacity in the main summer grain producing areas, as well as sufficient funds for acquisition and personnel guarantee.

Since the opening of the Xia Grain scale, the acquisition has progressed smoothly and in an orderly manner with the help of the digital grain depot system and the grain flash payment system.

At present, the purchase price of COFCO this year is significantly higher than the national minimum purchase price, which is the highest in recent years.

  Anhui is the main wheat-producing province and the birthplace of the "solicited wheat" model. Through the development of high-quality special varieties, the production and sales chain has been opened up.

When planting last autumn, Anhui Province drew up a "high-quality special grain map" based on special varieties of seeds, implemented the model of "seeking wheat according to the map", and encouraged the large-scale planting of a single variety, and the establishment of the whole county, the whole town, and the whole village.

According to the person in charge of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Anhui Province, there used to be dozens of wheat varieties in one town, which did not meet the needs of modern processing.

Now the development of high-quality special wheat has been concentrated on several fine varieties, and the quality and benefits are getting better and better.

  Wheat machine is more efficient

  As of June 21, the large-scale machine harvest of wheat across the country has basically ended.

More than 600,000 combine harvesters and more than 800,000 professional harvesters are working on the front line of wheat harvesting, with a cumulative harvesting area of ​​298 million mu and a harvest mechanization rate of over 98%.

  Losing money and saving is a major feature of this summer's harvest.

Machine harvesting and loss reduction operation training covers all certified agricultural machine operators nationwide, and skill competitions cover all major production counties.

From the monitoring situation, the loss rate of wheat machine harvesting is controlled within the industry standard of 2%.

All localities guarantee the free priority access of combine harvesters and related transport vehicles for 450,000 trips, and the services of "delivery to the field for inspection", "delivery to the field for oil", "delivery to the field for repair" and "refueling at a discount" effectively save the operator's time and operating costs.

At present, winter wheat in Gansu and Xinjiang are being harvested one after another.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that it will do a good job of finishing the summer grain harvest to ensure that the grains are returned to the warehouse.

  This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs continued to entrust Weichai Lovol to open the "National Sanxia Agricultural Machinery Cross-regional Operation Information Service Platform" to provide information services such as operation supply and demand, weather forecast, maintenance parts, oil supply, and traffic conditions for cross-regional operators across the country.

Shi Haibo, director of Weichai Lovol Customer Service Center, introduced that the company has set up a large screen in the information center to display the distribution and operation of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment across the country in real time.

The back-office personnel use the Zhilian cloud service platform to reserve service resources and vulnerable parts according to the distribution of cross-regional agricultural machinery, and reasonably dispatch spare parts vehicles to track the cross-regional operation team according to the progress of the summer harvest.

In addition, it is also equipped with call seats and expert seats to provide service support such as information consultation, dispatching workers to rescue, and remote diagnosis.

  In a special year, the increase in the quantity and quality of summer grains has witnessed the resilience of the Chinese rice bowl.

All localities should continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of grain production to ensure that the annual grain output remains above 1.3 trillion catties.

  Our reporter Qiao Jinliang