Original title: Spend 50 yuan to let AI help you choose majors and schools?

[Reminder: Filling out the college entrance examination volunteers cannot rely solely on "big data"]

  Changjiang Daily reporter Deng Xiaolong

  "Enter scores, intended majors and other information, and the system can automatically recommend ideal schools and majors. Is such an AI volunteer report really reliable?" Recently, the 2022 college entrance examination results have entered the stage of checking grades one after another, and many candidates and parents have passed through Wuhan. The city message board asked whether the "AI volunteering card" recommended on the Internet really works?

In an interview with a reporter from Changjiang Daily, professionals said that volunteering should not only look at "big data", but also consider the child's hobbies and career planning.

Online sales of "AI volunteering to fill in the report"

  As little as $50

  Shortly after the college entrance examination, Xiao Cui, a graduate of Wuhan high school, estimated his score and began to think about filling in his volunteers.

An "AI volunteer report card" recommended on the Internet made Xiao Cui hesitate - enter some key information, and the system can automatically match and recommend schools and majors. Can you believe the results?

  According to Xiao Cui's introduction, the reporter searched and logged in a voluntary reporting website. As a freshman in Hubei, he entered an estimated score of 580 points on the website, and the selected subjects were physics, chemistry, and biology. The website immediately showed that the score was in the province. The estimated ranking is around 25,292, and a number of recommended colleges and majors are given.

  The recommendation results given by the website are divided into three categories: "impactable", "more stable" and "guaranteed". The number of recommended institutions for each type is above 100, but only 3 to 5 are displayed on the page.

For example, "can shock" includes Ocean University of China, Huazhong Agricultural University, etc., "more secure" includes South China Agricultural University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, etc., "guaranteed" includes Shanxi University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, etc.

  If you click to view the full information, you will need to pay the site membership fee.

The payment page shows that the original price of "Voluntary Filling in the Official Version" is 398 yuan, and the current discount price is 98 yuan, which is valid until August 31 this year.

  On the Wuhan city message board, some parents of fresh students reported: "In previous years, after the college entrance examination, there will be many 'volunteer planners', and such 'AI filing' has only increased in the past two years." The reporter found that the short video On the platform, the price of the "AI filling report" system is generally around 300 yuan, and the lowest price on some platforms is only 50 yuan.

On a certain platform, more than 40,000 copies of "AI Volunteer Reporting Cards" have been sold by multiple merchants.

  The reporter consulted some "AI reporting" websites as candidates, and the customer service staff said: "Our data are based on the data of 2021 and 2022, which is very reliable. If you want to be more confident, you can choose Safe and secure. type."

Volunteer filling cannot just look at "big data"

  The child's personality and interests should be considered

  Industry insiders said that, in essence, the AI ​​reporting system is an auxiliary system for voluntary reporting for the college entrance examination built on the basis of big data.

Therefore, the accuracy of data is the most important factor to measure its reference value.

  In this regard, Zhang Zhikai, a famous teacher in Wuhan High School who has been teaching for 23 years, analyzed that Hubei Province will only enter the new college entrance examination mode in 2021. There are many combinations of subjects in the college entrance examination. The number of subjects selected for various subject combinations in the past three years has changed greatly; In the process of continuous exploration and development of reform and college entrance examination reform, university admission policies have also changed a lot.

Therefore, for candidates in Hubei, the opinions provided by the intelligent reporting assistance system are only a reference when filling in the application, and their data calculation results cannot be trusted.

In addition, there are many colleges and universities that collect volunteers every year, which will also have a great impact on the accuracy of the data.

  Zhang Zhikai said that the role of the AI ​​reporting system is big data screening, and it is difficult to provide personalized recommendations.

"In the same score segment, the AI ​​system recommends similar results for all candidates, but it cannot analyze each child's personality characteristics, career interests, etc."

  "Volunteering for the college entrance examination is related to the development direction and career choice of a child's life. It cannot be solved by simple data calculation." Liu Jianghua, a teacher at Wuhan Iron and Steel No. 3 Middle School who has just completed a class of senior high school graduates this year, said that volunteering should first respect children's interests. Hobbies and career planning, and on this basis, choose the city, university and major that your child likes.

  Liu Jianghua believes that the discussion and analysis between parents and children is not only a process of filling out volunteers, but also a process of strengthening parent-child communication and conveying values ​​and life concepts.

"On the premise that these issues have been clearly figured out, if it is difficult to make up your mind, it is a relatively rational approach to use the intelligent reporting system to provide further reference opinions."