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Faced with poor working conditions and intimidation from management, Ryanair flight attendants and stewardess unions have launched a strike movement for this weekend, across Europe.

France, Belgium and even Spain are affected by this movement.

“There could be other movements in July”, announces the president of the national union of Commercial Flight Crew. 

At Ryanair, it's time to demand for hostesses and stewards.

Wages, working conditions, intimidation by management of certain employees... Faced with the excesses, the Irish airline's flight crew unions have called for a strike for this weekend, across Europe.

Italy, Spain and even France are affected by this movement.

A third of the company's flights have already been canceled at Brussels airport.

French airports, in particular those of Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Beauvais will also experience disruptions.

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"It has been several weeks since we began negotiations with Ryanair with the aim of getting them to comply with the Labor Code and the Civil Aviation Code on various points, in particular the payment of overtime or the respect of working hours. rest and days off", explains Christelle Auster, president of the National Union of Commercial Flight Crew.

Other possible moves this summer

Claims that concern all employees in the European Union.

"That's why we are dealing with a coordinated movement this weekend in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France," adds the trade unionist. 

But this strike movement displeases the management, which would not hesitate to threaten its employees, warns Christelle Auster.

"Ryanair sends letters to every striking employee telling them 'it's not worth going on strike, you won't get anything'".

While a difficult summer is announced in the airports, the unions of the low-cost company warn: in the face of these threats, "during July, and in particular during the bridges, there could be other movements".