Zhongxin Finance, June 25. According to the news from the Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives Association on the 24th, on the evening of May 28, the provincial association found out that "Anhui Rural Commercial Banks are suspected of cheating in the examination" and other public opinions, and immediately cooperated with the examination. The agency reported the case to the public security organ at 22:00 that night, and organized forces to conduct a comprehensive review of the examination surveillance videos of all candidates, and actively cooperated with the investigation.

  According to the briefing, recently, the public security organs reported the case investigation to the Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives Union.

  The criminal suspect, Li Moumou (male, 26 years old, product manager of an Internet company in Shenzhen), contacted 4 candidates who applied for the Anhui Rural Commercial Bank through the Internet. After the start of the examination, the 4 candidates cooperated to remotely control his computer desktop to assist in answering the questions. .

At the same time, Li Moumou also sold screenshots of the questions he answered to another suspect, Sun Moumou.

  The suspect, Sun Moumou (female, 23 years old, from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is the actual user of the QQ account and Alipay account in the screenshot of the online test question), after receiving the screenshot of the answer sent by Li Moumou after the test started, Sell ​​the answers made by Li Moumou in the QQ group that was built in advance.

It was found out that a total of 8 people cheated by purchasing test answers from Sun Mou through QQ.

  The report said that at present, all the results of cheating candidates have been treated as invalid.