Recently, Shanghai has fully resumed normal production and life order, and normal economic activities are rapidly returning.

Shencheng, which has experienced a "slow down", is effectively coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, using the attitude of "speeding up" to revive market confidence and cultivate development momentum.

  Not long ago, on the banks of the Pujiang River, the North Bund World Meeting Room was full of friends, and a high-level "2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference" (hereinafter referred to as the "Investment Promotion Conference") became a vivid footnote to the acceleration of the city's development - total investment 322 major industrial projects with a total investment of 565.8 billion yuan were signed here, and 48 major industrial projects with a total investment of 162.7 billion yuan were announced to start construction.

The progress of major projects with a cumulative scale of more than 720 billion yuan has released a strong signal: Shanghai is still a hot spot for investment and business development in my country.

  Major projects are coming

  In the middle of summer, the investment enthusiasm in Shanghai is also unprecedentedly high.

Compared with last year's investment promotion conference, the number of major industrial projects signed this year increased by 49%, and the investment amount increased by 15.5%.

The achievement of this report card under the enormous pressure of epidemic prevention and control fully demonstrates that Shanghai is going all out to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

  With the major phased results achieved in the Great Shanghai Defense War, winning the tough battle for economic recovery and revitalization has become the most urgent task at present.

"As the first large-scale event after the epidemic, the holding of this investment promotion conference shows the confidence of the whole city to accelerate economic recovery and revitalization." Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology, said that these major industrial projects not only cover " The 3+6" new industrial system also includes a number of modern service industry projects such as finance, producer services, and consumer services.

Among them, the three leading industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence have signed a total of 90 projects, with a total investment of 204.9 billion yuan.

For example, Xiaohua Semiconductor Co., Ltd. plans to invest 800 million yuan to focus on breakthroughs in equipment intelligent management SOC chips to solve the "stuck neck" problem in the field of mobile computer platforms, and Jiangsu Yasheng Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. plans to invest 3 billion yuan to build two major centers of marketing and clinical medicine , Yikatong (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan to build major projects such as autonomous driving and super brain R&D centers.

Among the six key areas, a number of high-level projects and central enterprise projects have been implemented. For example, China Telecom plans to invest 8 billion yuan to build a national hub node computing power scheduling platform and direct network construction project in the Yangtze River Delta. China Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest 10 100 million yuan to establish the supply chain technology headquarters, China Railway Fourth Bureau plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan to establish the Shanghai headquarters, etc.

  "Many projects of the company have been in continuous communication with various districts and management committees in Shanghai during the epidemic. The epidemic has not shaken the company's decision to invest in Shanghai. There are also many projects that various districts and management committees have met through the 'cloud meeting' and 'cloud investment' during the epidemic. It was obtained through hard work.” Zhang Hongtao said that the current contracted projects are the results of the recent phase of Shanghai’s efforts to stabilize the economy and investment.

  At the same time, the investment promotion conference focused on releasing four "new track" investment promotion plans for Metaverse, Green and Low-Carbon, Smart Terminal, and Digital Economy.

It is estimated that by 2025, the scale of Shanghai's green and low-carbon industries will exceed 500 billion yuan, the scale of Metaverse's industry will exceed 350 billion yuan, and the scale of intelligent terminal industry will exceed 700 billion yuan. The "new track" will form a new trillion-dollar market. .

  In this regard, Liu Jian, secretary of the Shanghai Jinshan District Party Committee, can quite represent the views of various districts in Shanghai on the current acceleration of economic construction, "Today's new construction is tomorrow's new economic aggregate, and today's new investment structure is tomorrow's new investment structure. Industrial Structure".

In the next step, all districts in Shanghai will continue to give full play to their own advantages, provide the best quality service and the most first-class business environment for the smooth progress of the project, and ensure that the project will start construction, put into production early, and reach production early.

  Foreign capital firmly "do more" in Shanghai

  Just one day before the Investment Promotion Conference, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng issued certificates to a new batch of 30 regional headquarters of multinational companies and 10 foreign-funded R&D centers, which means a new batch of regional headquarters and foreign-funded R&D centers of multinational companies. Settled in Shanghai.

After experiencing the impact of the epidemic, why do global companies have undiminished confidence in investing in Shanghai and "going long" in Shanghai?

  "Investment should not be short-sighted. What the company looks at is Shanghai's long-term economic radiation status and development advantages. From another perspective, the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chain highlights the city's important role in the global economic chain." Austrian automation company B&R Industrial Automation (China) Co., Ltd. has set up its multinational regional headquarters in Shanghai this time. Xiao Weirong, president of the company's Greater China region, said that taking their advanced intelligent manufacturing industry as an example, the Shanghai epidemic has affected the company. The business in China and even the global market has had a certain impact, but with the active support of relevant government departments, the company resumed business operations in mid-to-late April, ensuring the logistics and delivery supply to users.

The government's support for foreign-funded enterprises has truly moved B&R. Shanghai's good business environment, talent density, and supply chain guarantee in East China are the source of continued confidence for the company to increase investment in Shanghai.

  Chen Jiayuan, CEO of North Asia of Louis Dreyfus (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. felt the same way.

As a global agricultural product trading and processing enterprise with a century-old history, Louis Dreyfus has carefully considered the establishment of its regional headquarters in Shanghai. Chen Jiayuan attributed it to four reasons.

First, Shanghai is the center of talent gathering, with excellent resources in science, education, entertainment, medical care and other fields. It is a city where domestic and global talents are willing to live and work. Such talent resource reserves are very attractive to enterprises.

  Second, Shanghai has a strong driving force for innovation, whether it is business model or technological innovation, or even many innovative models in government supervision and management, which have greatly benefited foreign-funded enterprises.

Chen Jiayuan said that last year, the company benefited from the free trade zone policy and solved the long-standing and difficult problems of the company through cross-border RMB business, helping the company to achieve rapid development.

  Third, Shanghai has a unique location advantage and a complete industrial chain.

"There is a very interesting story that can prove the perfection of Shanghai's industrial chain." Chen Jiayuan said that in the process of digital transformation, the company needs many partners to develop collaboratively, but since Shanghai has been at the forefront of the world in the field of digitalization, the company's Many partners have already set up in Shanghai in advance. In this way, Louis Dreyfus also enjoys the convenience of digital transformation services near the water floor, which opens up more possibilities for the company's development.

  "Fourth, the meticulous help of the governments at all levels in Shanghai has injected confidence into the development of enterprises, making us believe that difficulties are temporary, and enterprises have sufficient confidence and confidence to work with the government to tide over difficulties and meet challenges." Chen Jiayuan said.

  Continuously optimize the business environment

  Confidence is not an empty slogan, it comes from the solution and coordination of one specific problem after another.

Relevant departments have made every effort to provide assistance to the enterprise, and governments at all levels have carried out "big visits and investigations" to actively provide services to the door, so that enterprises can pursue development without distractions in a good business environment.

  During the current round of epidemic closure and control in Shanghai, it was the key time for Shanghai Senzhong Electric Co., Ltd. to obtain foreign trade orders for winter products.

In mid-May, due to the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai, enterprises could not resume work and production normally, and overseas customers were worried that the required goods could not be delivered on time, which would affect the winter sales performance, so they decided to cancel the original order of 50,000 carpets and blankets.

  The loss of foreign trade orders has had a certain impact on traditional processing trade enterprises such as Senzhong Electric, and how to keep the orders is their greatest concern.

"Affected by factors such as the epidemic situation, Senzhong Electric is facing problems such as shortage of upstream raw material supply, delayed export orders, poor international logistics, rising freight costs, and difficulty in taking jobs. In order to solve the company's problems, Songjiang Customs has expedited the two procedures for Senzhong Electric. This processing trade manual involves more than 500,000 US dollars of goods; open up a 'green channel' and press the 'acceleration button' for the circulation of processing trade materials and parts. After the electrical appliance was worried about the loss of orders, Songjiang Customs established a "one-to-one" customs-enterprise communication channel at the first time, grasped the customs clearance demands of the enterprise in time, and formulated targeted service measures in accordance with the needs of the enterprise.

  At the beginning of June, with the efforts of all parties, Senzhong Electric resumed production in an all-round way. After overseas customers learned this information, they immediately resumed the canceled orders and added additional orders based on the original orders.

  "The 'flying away and flying back' of this order fully reflects the advantages of China's manufacturing industry, and also reflects the style of government departments to continuously optimize the business environment and do practical things for enterprises." Ma Ma, customs manager of Shanghai Senzhong Electric Co., Ltd. Wei said that overseas customers are interested in the many irreplaceable advantages of Shanghai's manufacturing industry.

For example, mature and perfect e-commerce industry advantages, industrial chain advantages, industrial agglomeration advantages, scale advantages, etc., especially the strength of policy guarantees and service enterprises, make overseas customers trust the Chinese market and Chinese enterprises. The landing of the market, the vitality of domestic and foreign market players will be further stimulated.

  Our reporter Li Zhiguo Li Jing