An investigation report of a committee made up of lawyers regarding market manipulation cases by SMBC Nikko Securities executives was released, pointing out that the series of transactions was "inappropriate and unfair."

It was also revealed that President Yuichiro Kondo had received an email related to a transaction called Block Offer, which was accused of market manipulation.

SMBC Nikko Securities, which was charged with market manipulation in violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act by executives such as the former vice president, set up a committee made up of lawyers to investigate the facts and conducted an investigation on the 24th. The book has been published.

He pointed out that the series of transactions was "an act that raises the suspicion of artificially forming prices" and "an inappropriate and unfair act that also takes on the role and responsibilities of securities companies in the market."

On top of that, he severely criticizes the corporate constitution, saying that corporate governance has fallen into a malfunction due to lack of awareness of internal norms.

Furthermore, it was revealed that President Kondo had received an email related to a transaction called a block offer accused of market manipulation.

The e-mail was about the bonus of contract employees sent from the vice president at that time to the president and officers, but in the attached file, "Support the price using your own position when the price collapses due to the block offer" It is said that it was stated that when the price of the stock dropped, it was supported by the company's funds.

Regarding this, President Kondo and officers responded to the committee's hearing, saying, "I don't remember whether I read the description."

At SMBC Nikko Securities, President Kondo will hold a press conference on the evening of the 24th to explain the details of the survey results.