It's decided, from 2035, the sale of cars with internal combustion engines will be banned in Europe.

But the game is far from over.

Because to ratify the measure, the European Commission must negotiate with the various member states.

However, Christian Lindner, the German Federal Minister of Finance, has already announced that his government was not in favor of the end of heat engines in 2035. According to the Financial Times, the man would have questioned the effectiveness of such a measure, explaining that Europeans could anyway buy thermal cars outside Europe.

Christian Lindner, who is also at the head of the liberal party, however sought to qualify his remarks, by affirming that Germany would continue to be one of the largest markets for electric vehicles.

Will Christian Lindner's position be adopted by Germany?

In any case, the Green ministers of the current government coalition do not seem to share this opinion.

A spokesperson for Steffi Lemke, environmental minister in charge of the environment, has also affirmed that the government fully supports the end of combustion engines in 2035. To be continued…


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