Although the 5G network is still in the popularization stage in the world, some countries have already planned the deployment of 6G technology in advance.

The progress of 6G technology in China is of particular concern.

Just now, China Mobile's latest white paper proposed the first systematic 6G network architecture design.

  On June 21, China Mobile released the "China Mobile 6G Network Architecture Technology White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") at the "2022 Technology Week and Mobile Information Industry Chain Innovation Conference".

The "White Paper" proposes a three-body, four-layer and five-sided 6G overall architecture design, which is the first systematic 6G network architecture design in the industry.

  Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of China Mobile, said that with the advent of the 5G-A era, 6G has become the focus of technological innovation in the global mobile communication industry.

The architecture is the skeleton and center of the mobile communication system and plays a vital role.

  Essence Securities Research Report believes that China is currently leading the world in 5G construction and has the most 6G patented technologies in the world.

5G technology occupies an important position in the new infrastructure, is a prerequisite for the development of the digital economy, and opens up a new situation of the Internet of Everything.

6G technology is of great significance to improving the accuracy of communication indicators, expanding the scope of communication space, and expanding the field of communication applications.

  6G will be the cornerstone of more technological innovations

  Zhang Ping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the 2022 "World Telecommunications and Information Society Day" conference that 6G will drive the high-quality development of the internal cycle of digital industrialization, and it is necessary to strive for the dominance of 6G by promoting technological innovation.

  6G technology will effectively promote the improvement of distance education, telemedicine, remote positioning, virtual reality interaction and other capabilities, and will make many ideals of the metaverse now imagined become a reality, and people will truly realize the digital life that integrates online and offline. Bringing a qualitative revolution will also help humans predict the weather, understand nature, respond quickly, and establish a more complete ecological network.

  CCID think tank also stated that the development of 6G will involve but not be limited to network construction, industrial ecology, technological innovation, integrated applications and security in the 5G era.

Referring to the successful experience of 5G in my country, the first is to speed up the introduction of 6G top-level design, research plans and guarantee policies at the national level, and to carry out a differentiated layout with 5G to further expand the competitive advantage at the strategic level.

The second is to increase the declaration, reserve and protection of 6G standards and related technology patents, paving the way for my country's 6G technology and standards to "go global".

The third is to continue to pool the advantages of government, industry, academia and research through joint research and development, strategic cooperation, industrial alliances, co-construction and sharing, etc., and concentrate strength and funds to invest in 6G research and development.

  According to public information, China's 6G technology research started earlier.

As early as March 9, 2018, Miao Wei, then minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China had already started to study 6G.

On November 3, 2019, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Natural Science Foundation of China, organized a 6G technology research and development kick-off meeting in Beijing.

The meeting announced the establishment of the National 6G Technology R&D Promotion Working Group and the National 6G Technology R&D General Expert Group.

  In November 2019, the world's first 6G white paper "Key Drivers and Research Challenges of Ubiquitous 6G Wireless Intelligence" in 2019 was released.

The white paper pointed out that most performance indicators of 6G will be improved by 10 to 100 times compared to 5G.

In the 6G era, it is possible to download 10 HD videos of the same type in one second.

  Since then, China has clearly stated in the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline that it should forward the deployment of 6G network technology reserves. Work.

  The "6G Overall Vision and Potential Key Technologies White Paper" released by the IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group in 2021 pointed out that for 2030 and the future, the 6G network will help realize the deep integration of the real physical world and the virtual digital world, and build an intelligent connection of all things. , a new world of digital twins.

The extensive and in-depth application of new businesses such as immersive cloud XR, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, intelligent interaction, communication perception, inclusive intelligence, digital twins, and global coverage in people's lives, social production, and public services will better support the economy. To meet the needs of high-quality development, we will further achieve precise social governance, efficient public services, and diversification of people's lives.

  6G adds to the digital economy

  When 6G technology is applied, what changes will it bring to our lives?

  Liu Guangyi, chief expert of China Mobile Research Institute and head of the 6G project, summarized the 6G network performance indicators, that is, the network peak rate reaches terabytes (Tbps); the user experience rate reaches the gigabit level (Gbps); the user latency is close to the real-time data of massive data. Processing; the reliability of the wireless network is close to that of wired transmission; the traffic density and connection density of 6G are at least 10 times or even thousands of times higher than that of 5G; it supports mobile high-speed communication with a speed of more than 1000 km/h, not only supports high-speed railway communication coverage, but also supports Aircraft coverage; spectral efficiency can be increased by a factor of two to three.

  The "6G Concept and Vision White Paper" released by CCID think tank Radio pointed out that 6G will include a variety of access networks, such as mobile cellular, satellite communication, drone communication, underwater acoustic communication, visible light communication and other access methods. , will build a cross-regional, cross-airspace, and cross-sea integrated air, space, and sea network to achieve global seamless coverage in the true sense.

  Essence Securities Research Report pointed out that 6G technology is of great significance to the improvement of communication index accuracy, the expansion of communication space scope and the expansion of communication application fields.

  In addition, 6G applications will focus on the three dimensions of intelligent life, intelligent production and intelligent society, covering holographic technology, empathy Internet, twin body area network, super-energy transportation, precision medicine and other fields.

Among them, the upstream of the holographic technology industry chain mainly includes manufacturers that provide R&D and manufacturing of holographic materials, equipment and chips, the midstream mainly includes holographic content, equipment manufacturing and comprehensive service companies, and the downstream mainly includes various product forms transformed by holographic technology applications.

With the development of 6G technology, application fields such as holographic technology will bring consumers a better sense of experience, the market demand is strong, and the future prospects are bright.

  Global 5G users will cross the 1 billion mark this year

  Since the first year of 5G commercial use in 2019, how has the global promotion of 5G technology been?

  According to media reports, Ericsson pointed out in its semi-annual report that thanks to high usage rates in China and North America, global 5G users are expected to exceed the 1 billion mark this year.

By 2027, global 5G users may reach 4.4 billion people.

  And how about the domestic 5G application performance?

According to the research report of Shengang Securities, the number of 5G base stations in my country has increased from 130,000 stations at the end of 2019 to 1.615 million stations in April 2022, and the proportion of 5G base stations has reached 16%.

5G base stations occupy more than 60% of the world, and it is expected that the number of 5G base stations will exceed 2 million by the end of 2022.

As of the end of April 2022, the number of 5G mobile users reached 413 million, accounting for 24.8%, an increase of 3.2 percentage points from the end of 2021, and the number of 5G package users reached 870 million.

  Wanlian Securities Research Report also pointed out that the integration of 5G with AI, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, edge computing, blockchain and other technologies can meet the needs of industrial manufacturing, autonomous driving, drone control, telemedicine, smart cities, etc. The communication needs of the field have truly become a new engine to promote the digital transformation of the industry.

At present, 5G applications cover many areas of life such as transportation, medical care, education, cultural tourism, etc. There are more than 20,000 cases in total, and the distribution is in a "two-eight" distribution, that is, the communication between people only accounts for the total number of applications. About 20% of the total, 80% of the applications are in To B fields such as the Internet of Vehicles and Industrial Internet, which is also the new market development direction of operators and equipment manufacturers in the industry.

In the context of moderately advanced construction, supporting equipment such as core network, base station connection, cable, power supply, and air conditioner deserves continuous attention.

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