Zhongxin Finance, June 22 (Zuo Yuqing) At present, Dongfang Selection, which has exploded due to "knowledge live broadcast", is undoubtedly the well-deserved "darling" of brand owners.

But behind Yu Minhong's promise to "give a share to Dong Yuhui", the stock price of New Oriental Online has been fluctuating in recent days.

  Behind the seemingly promising prospects, many major shareholders of New Oriental are reducing their holdings one after another.

The popularity has come up, but capital has started a "Victory Escape"?

Several listed companies responded to cooperation

  "Does the online live broadcast plan to cooperate with Dongfang Selection?" This may be the most inquiries received by A-share companies recently from investors.

Earlier, an anchor also revealed in the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room: "There are many suppliers lining up after the fire."

  At present, a number of listed companies including

Ximai Foods, Guolian Aquatic Products, and I Miss You have responded, saying that they are cooperating with Dongfang Selection


  Among them, Guolian Aquatic Products stated on the interactive platform a few days ago that the company has carried out three phases of cooperation with Dongfang Selection, mainly to promote the company's shrimp dumplings and other pre-made dishes to the market. The company will cooperate with the platform to promote various flavors of grilled fish and seasoning Pre-made dishes such as lobster are sold live.

At the same time, Guolian Aquatic also reminded that there is uncertainty about the impact of the cooperation on the company's business.

Guolian Aquatic Products responded to the cooperation with Oriental Selection.

Screenshot from Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive.

  In addition, companies such as Zuming Co., Ltd. and Joy Home said they are actively communicating with Dongfang Selection. Companies such as Huangshanghuang, Sunshine Dairy, and Shuangta Foods said that they have no cooperation at present, and will consider cooperation matters according to future development.

  In addition to food-related companies, listed companies from various industries such as sports, medical care, and logistics also received cooperation inquiries.

Drive the education sector to lift the limit

  With the enthusiasm of consumers and investors, and the swarms of brand owners, the stock price of New Oriental Online soared.

On June 16, New Oriental Online soared 72.71% to close at HK$28.6/share.

  At the same time, the A-share education sector set off a rising tide.

On June 16, several stocks such as Zhonggong Education, Doushen Education, Xueda Education, All Access Education, and Kede Education hit their daily limit.

  At the same time, the transformation of education and training institutions has once again attracted attention, and many listed companies have been asked whether they will learn from the New Oriental model.

For example, Zhonggong Education and Doushen Education have been continuously asked by investors recently whether they can speed up the layout of "Zhonggong Selection" and "Beanshen Selection" to align with New Oriental.

Investors suggested to Zhonggong Education to deploy "Zhonggong Preferred".

Screenshot from Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive.

  An investor said: "If Zhonggong Preferred is established, it can integrate adult skills training and live broadcast, and I will be the first to place an order."

  For such inquiries, Zhonggong Education responded that there is no relevant business layout at present, "Thank you for your suggestion."

  Zheshang Securities believes that imitating the New Oriental model is difficult and cost-effective.

"Knowledge to bring goods" requires the anchor to have a wealth of knowledge accumulation and experience. New Oriental's high-quality teachers entered the live broadcast delivery industry by mistake because of double reduction, and have a very low opportunity cost. It is difficult for the latecomers to reproduce.

Sharply sold off by shareholders such as Tencent

  The explosive selection of Dongfang seems to have made a turnaround for New Oriental, which once had a sluggish stock price.

However, less than a week after it became popular, the stock price of New Oriental Online plummeted again due to the substantial reduction of shareholders.

  According to the disclosure of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in the two days from June 15 to 16, Tencent Holdings, the second largest shareholder of New Oriental Online, which has held shares for more than 6 years, sold a total of 74.6039 million shares, with an average selling price of about HK $9.6, a total of cash out 719 million Hong Kong dollars, Tencent Holdings' shareholding ratio plummeted from 9.04% to 1.58% after the reduction.

According to the disclosure of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Tencent continuously reduced its holdings in New Oriental Online from June 15 to 16.

Screenshot from the HKEX Disclosure.

  In addition, some media reported that Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and other foreign capitals have also significantly reduced their holdings of New Oriental Online recently.

Among them, Morgan Stanley reduced its holdings by about 72 million shares and cashed out about HK$1.634 billion.

  On June 17, the stock price of New Oriental Online fell 12.59%; on the 20th, New Oriental Online plummeted again by 32.08%.

What is the future prospect?

  However, while some people chose to take advantage of the situation to exit, others also chose to enter.

Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Standard Chartered Bank all chose to continue to increase their positions, and the number of shares of Chinese-funded securities companies such as Guotai Junan and Haitong International is also increasing.

  On the 21st, after falling for two consecutive trading days, New Oriental Online ushered in a rise again, with an intraday increase of up to 14.61%.

As of the close, the final increase was 3.06% at HK$17.5.

  CITIC Securities stated in the research report that the operation of Oriental Selection is sustainable, and it is expected to stand firmly in the live broadcast room of the Douyin platform in the long run.

The short-term popularity has led to a strong rebound in the company's stock price. It is recommended to further track and verify the stability of its operation and traffic trends. However, it is generally believed that Dongfang Selection has basically established an operational inflection point and has the ability to further expand on a large scale.

  At the same time, CITIC Securities pointed out that the stock price of New Oriental Online has risen more from the bottom in the short term due to the inflection point of the business, and there is a risk of falling back; the inflection point of the company's business has begun to appear, and it will take time to prove its stability.

In addition, for New Oriental Online's education business, considering that the K9 and pre-school businesses, which are a big drag on profits, have been adjusted and completed, as well as the rapid growth of demand in the postgraduate entrance examination market, New Oriental Online is expected to benefit as a leading player in the industry.