Mos Food Service, which operates a hamburger chain, has decided to raise the prices of most of its products, including its mainstay hamburgers, from the middle of next month in response to soaring raw material prices.

According to the announcement, the target of the price increase is 210 items, which is about 90% of all products, including hamburgers sold at "Mos Burger" stores, French fries and coffee.

The price increases include tax, and

▽ main products such as hamburgers are 20 to 40 yen

▽ side menus and drinks are 10 to 20 yen, which

will be increased from the 13th of next month.

Reasons The company's prices for raw materials such as wheat and cooking oil are skyrocketing due to rising global demand and the turmoil in the international situation following the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It is said that the factor is that the procurement cost is rising further due to the depreciation of the yen.

In the fast food chain,

▽ "McDonald's Japan" raised the price of some products such as hamburgers from the middle of March, and

▽ "Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan" is a standard chicken store from this month to next month. We have decided to raise prices and set menu prices, and

the movement to raise prices is spreading further in the food service industry.