Mobile phones are used as "farming tools", and live broadcasts become "farm work"

  "New farmers" find their way to wealth online (Online China)

  A live broadcast room has been set up in the fields, and native products have turned into "Internet celebrities and top goods"; using the Internet of Things system, field management is more "smart"; through the digital logistics platform, the "blocking points" and "stuck points" of agricultural product transportation are solved... Digital Village The construction has been vigorously promoted, and batches of young people who have mastered digital technology and have Internet thinking have turned into "new farmers" and devoted themselves to agricultural and rural development.

Mobile phones have become "new farm tools", and live delivery of goods has become "new farm work", which is a new landscape in rural revitalization.

  Open up the market in the field

  "One night of live broadcast, 400,000 yuan of handmade fermented bean curd was sold" - Zeng Qinghuan, a "post-90s" rural girl from Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province, once created such a sales performance.

On the short video platform, this "Xiangmeizi" with bangs and braids is a short video blogger "Xiangmei Xinbao" with 6 million followers.

Doing farm work, going to the market, selling special products... Under the live broadcast of Zeng Qinghuan, the agricultural and sideline products in his hometown have won the support of a large number of fans.

  The "Xiangmei Xinbao" e-commerce demonstration base is located in a low-key farmhouse.

Inside the base, material shooting scenes, special industry live broadcast rooms, as well as warehousing, refrigeration, logistics packaging workshops and multi-functional training rooms are all available.

Now, the "One Village, One Product, One Anchor" talent training program has been launched here. Through a one-month free training, farmers will be led on the road of "new farmers" to become rich.

It is reported that Xinhua County currently has 412 e-commerce online stores and 2,885 poverty alleviation stores. important power.

  With the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the rapid development of e-commerce and digital agriculture, a team of "new farmers" is active in the fields.

With their keen Internet thinking and market-oriented vision, they have explored new forms of agriculture, injected new vitality into the transformation of traditional agriculture, and become a new force to lead farmers, develop rural areas, and support agriculture.

  Rooted in the countryside to drive development

  Today's Chinese villages are vast and promising.

New formats and models of rural industries are constantly emerging, giving rise to new jobs and new faces in rural areas, and a large number of "new farmers" have further enhanced the momentum of rural development.

  In the Huyang Smart Circulation Industrial Park, Lushan Township, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, Wang Chenchen, a "post-95" and "digital shepherd", uses remote sensing technology to monitor the number of sheep, feed, humidity and temperature in the sheep barn in real time, so as to achieve "everyone can easily Raising 3,000 sheep."

  In Yuli County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, "post-90s" Hunan girl Mo Xiaoyu and her team of engineers conducted several experiments to transform nearly 270 water outlet piles in the cotton experimental field into intelligent electric water outlet piles, equipped with advanced automatic fertilization and irrigation machines. , to achieve remote timing fixed-point control.

  In Anren County, Hunan Province, a major grain-growing county in the country, during the spring ploughing period this year, the local development of the "One-click Agricultural Machinery" mobile phone applet integrates and shares agricultural machinery resources and farmers' demand information, enabling online orders to be placed nearby.

  Big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things... Digital technology has become an indispensable "new farm tool" for "new farmers".

Behind this is the rapid development of information infrastructure construction in rural areas.

Statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center show that by the end of 2021, China's existing administrative villages have achieved "every village access to broadband", the Internet penetration rate in rural areas is 57.6%, and the number of rural netizens has reached 284 million.

  Hong Yong, associate researcher of the Institute of Electronic Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with this reporter that the current atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in digital villages is strong.

"New Farmer" actively uses e-commerce live broadcast and other models to promote the rise of agricultural products, drive local employment, build regional brands of agricultural products, and help rural revitalization and common prosperity.

  "'New peasants' are rooted in the countryside. Through their professional expertise and their grasp of 'three rural' policies and development trends, they can promote the development of new types of agriculture, promote farmers' employment, and increase farmers' income. They can also integrate new ideas, new formats, new The combination of models and new technologies with agricultural and rural development will not only promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional rural economy, but also help to build beautiful and livable new countryside and improve the level of rural governance." said Wu Qi, executive director of Wuxi Digital Economy Research Institute.

  Solve practical difficulties for "new farmers"

  A few years ago, the "post-80s" Shandong guy Wu Zheng returned from Shanghai to the old revolutionary area of ​​Yimeng to explore the use of e-commerce to sell canned yellow peaches, a specialty of the old area.

In order to support Wu Zheng's success in starting a business, the local government provided him with 80,000 yuan to return to his hometown to start a business, and let him participate in an e-commerce training class for free to learn more e-commerce operation experience.

Last year, Wu Zheng's company's online sales exceeded 20 million yuan.

Up to now, good youth alliances have been generally established at the city and county levels in Shandong Province, and a total of 3.15 billion yuan of "good rural youth loans" have been issued, driving a large number of young people to join the big stage of rural revitalization.

  The key to rural revitalization lies in people.

In February 2021, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Rural Talent Revitalization", proposing that by 2025, the institutional framework and policy system for rural talent revitalization will be basically formed, and the scale and quality of talents in various fields of rural revitalization will continue to grow. Steady improvement and continuous optimization of the structure have basically formed a pattern of various types of talents supporting and serving rural areas, and rural talents have initially met the basic needs of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.

  In February this year, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in Comprehensively Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2022" clearly stated that to vigorously promote the construction of digital villages, it is necessary to promote the development of smart agriculture and promote the integration of information technology and agricultural machinery and agronomy.

Strengthen farmers' digital literacy and skills training.

  How to cultivate and retain talents for the countryside?

"From the central to local governments, governments at all levels attach great importance to cultivating new-type rural talents, and have issued many favorable policies." Hong Yong said, in the next step, in order to solve the practical difficulties of "new farmers" taking root in rural areas, the following should be done Work: Continue to vigorously promote the rural revitalization strategy and improve the living environment in rural areas; formulate targeted policies to encourage entrepreneurship to help rural e-commerce companies solve immediate problems such as "financing difficulties"; provide more training support, through experts going to the countryside to give lectures and live lectures In other ways, “new farmers” can easily obtain professional knowledge such as Internet marketing and agricultural planting skills.

  Wu Qi believes that to retain "new farmers", it is necessary to create a better business environment for them and provide them with more room to play.

For example, strengthen top-level planning, and further increase policy support for the cultivation of talents returning to their hometowns to start a business and talents for the revitalization of rural industries in terms of fiscal and tax incentives, financing guarantees, land use and housing, and professional title evaluation. , to relieve the worries of the "new farmers".

Another example is to give play to the leading role of rural cadres and talents, and strengthen vocational education and academic education and training for "new farmers" through various learning platforms, paired assistance, regular training, case visits, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of rural basic services and infrastructure, improve the modernization level of rural governance, promote the construction of rural public service capacity and the equal development of urban and rural public services, and create a better ecological environment and living environment.

  Li Jiabao