Seagull, a time-honored Chinese brand, launched its first tide watch series, and 85% of the buyers were post-90s; as soon as the "milk tea" came out, the traditional gold pendants were sold out in 30 minutes, and young people lined up to add some sweetness to life; ancient fashion accessories - traditional non-heritage market Jade bone silk fan, cross-border trend art, and transcends into contemporary fashion accessories; the novel joint name "Ice Cream" of Huili sneakers is on sale in summer, and the fans after 00... Recently, Xinhuanet and Dewu App released "Guochao Brand Young Consumption Insights" The "Report" shows the rejuvenation innovation cases of century-old brands and traditional time-honored brands in the past year. The time-honored brands take young people as the reference coordinates for new product development, successfully enter the youth circle and become a "social symbol", exploring the development of "national tide". new mode.

  It is reported that the "Guochao Brand Young Consumption Insight Report" takes the "Dewu App" gathered by young domestic consumers as a research sample, and through research methods such as Guochao industry perspective, brand case analysis, and young consumption data insight, it deeply analyzes the contemporary youth in The demand changes and trends in the five major scenarios of new fashion, new culture, new technology, new life, and new festivals provide a comprehensive and fresh perspective for the development of Guochao brand.

From understanding young "wearing" to understanding young "minds", a century-old watch and gold brand has turned into a "tide brand"

  The "Report" shows that the watch and gold industries, which have been inherited for a century, are all rejuvenated in this young trend.

Taking the watch industry as an example, there is no doubt about the technical heritage and cultural heritage of time-honored watches, but the difficulty lies in how to truly understand young people and create new products that young people really like.

In this regard, the Seagull watch gives a case of young people's innovation.

  Through the exclusive sale of the first tide watch series on the Dewu App, Seagull has opened the first young fashion product line.

Seagull's first "Tide Watch" series is called "Shape and Color". On the basis of inheriting the core technology of Seagull, it innovatively combines the young trend of Dewu App, enables sports style, and incorporates design elements such as black plating, night vision, and hollowing out. , On the DIY lucky bracelet that comes with the watch, the smiley faces, likes, 666 and other symbols familiar to young people are added.

At the beginning of 2021, Seagull Watch officially entered the Dewu App and became the first choice for young users among domestic watch brands. 85% of the purchasers were post-90s.

  Unlike watch brands, which focus on young people’s fashion and innovation, gold brands focus on communicating with young people through product design, so that young people pay for their emotions and life resonance.

  The Chow Tai Fook brand combines gold jewelry with the elements of "milk tea", adding emotional symbols that resonate with young people's lives as fashion logos into the new design.

According to the "Report", this pearl milk tea pendant was sold out only 30 minutes after the Dewu App was released.

On the Dewu App, the hot-selling gold jewelry among young people, "new year's money", "must pass every exam", "seeking peach blossoms" have replaced 18K, 24K and gram weight, and become new keywords; The elements of "Wish" are also highly respected by young people, as well as ancient techniques such as tire hugging, hammering, gold repairing, chiseling, filigree, inlaying and so on. It is not obvious, flashy but not dazzling, and it makes a design that is more personalized, exquisite and interesting for young people, which is loved by the post-90s generation.

  In this regard, Di Junpeng, an associate researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said: "The key is to break through the supply and demand barriers between time-honored brands and young people. First of all, we must understand the spiritual resonance and emotional identity pursued by the younger generation, and then improve the quality of products and services; in turn, The new needs and propositions of young people promote the continuous innovation of Guochao brands from the consumer side, forming a higher-level dynamic balance in which demand drives supply and supply creates demand."

Involved in the art circle, co-branded ice cream... The time-honored brand "novelty" has grown in a cross-border "reverse"

  From setting foot in the art circle to integrating into the life circle, the time-honored brand also uses bold cross-border and novel joint names to play new fashion.

  The "Report" also shows that the "Wang Xingji" folding fan, a time-honored Chinese brand listed on the national intangible cultural heritage protection list, together with trend artists Darren Zhou and Zhu Jingyi, the "Shuidiao Getou" intangible cultural heritage folding fan exclusively released on the Dewu App has become In the Dewu App community, the trendy clothes and accessories shared by the hipsters.

On the fan, Su Shi's calligraphy "She Copper Turtle" and "Bao Qingtian", "Dongpo Braised Pork", trendy shoes, space suits and other elements are intertwined. Tradition and trend, history and modernity are intertwined.

The fans that were necessary for the hipsters in ancient times have now passed through the millennium and returned to the hands of contemporary hipsters. The traditional intangible cultural heritage fan culture has shown interesting echoes among the hipsters of different ages.

  The former national sneaker pull back, through the alliance with the popular ice cream brand Nestle, exclusively on the Dewu App to sell the "Pui Li × Mr. Nestle Banana" co-branded sneakers, combined with the interesting design of the summer "eating ice cream" life scene, the new product will be released within 1 week. sold out.

By digging out the IP and trend elements that young users like, help Guochao in the design and development of new products, guide and support cross-border co-branding of various brands, create more interesting and diverse consumption scenarios and a more flexible commodity supply chain, and provide Guochao in the The digital road has wings.

  Xinhua Ruisi observed and found that with the complex and diversified consumer demand of the younger generation, Guochao brands continue to adjust their supply strategies. In addition to improving quality, they put young people's new needs for appearance, technology, emotion, and cultural connotation into product design, research and development. In the link, provide a variety of new products, which will be launched in online channels where young people gather, and gain new space for brand value-added, which has become the core strategy of Guochao brand.

Taking Dewu App as an example, the number of Guochao brands has doubled year-on-year, and the number of new Guochao products has increased by nearly 8 times year-on-year, covering clothing, shoes, digital, beauty and other fields, meeting the comprehensive consumption needs of young people. .

  The improvement of national economy and national cultural self-confidence has promoted the national tide to become an important consumer economy and cultural phenomenon.

The younger generation pursues spiritual resonance and emotional identity. From this aspect, platforms like Dewu App, which are popular with young people, help time-honored brands and new national trends to understand young people, narrow the psychological distance with young people, and launch a variety of new products. As a communication opportunity, it is integrated into the daily life of young people, and cultural values ​​will also be released.

Guochao brands can use the new e-commerce platform to launch diversified new products as a communication opportunity, integrate into the daily life of young people, release their unique cultural value, and further revitalize the Guochao brand.

"Di Junpeng further said.