Zhongxin Finance, June 17. The Central Propaganda Department held a series of press conferences on the theme of "China's Decade" on June 17. Peng Huagang, secretary-general and press spokesman of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said that since 2013, state-owned enterprises have been restructured. The reorganization and introduction of various social capitals exceeded 2.5 trillion yuan. Since 2019, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, together with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and other departments, have held the project promotion meeting for the mixed ownership reform of central enterprises and the coordinated development of central enterprises and private enterprises for three consecutive years, which has effectively promoted mixed ownership. Further progress of the reform.

At present, the proportion of mixed-ownership enterprises belonging to central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises accounts for more than 70% and 54%, respectively.

  Peng Huagang said that through the mixed-ownership reform, a large number of outstanding enterprises with outstanding main business, excellent corporate governance, strong innovation ability and high vitality and efficiency have emerged.

In the next step, we will adhere to the principle of "Three Reasons, Three Approaches and Three Nos", and implement policies according to local conditions, industries, and enterprises. Implement full coverage without setting a timetable, and actively and steadily deepen the reform of mixed ownership.

Focusing on key tasks such as promoting the in-depth transformation of the operating mechanism of mixed-ownership reform enterprises, further guide the mixed-ownership reform enterprises to improve their corporate governance structure, give full play to the active role of strategic investors, effectively safeguard the rights of all shareholders, and establish and improve a flexible and efficient market-oriented operation mechanism to Mixed-up reforms, in order to achieve effective reforms.