Zhongxin Finance, June 16 (Reporter Li Jinlei) Another online anchor was fined for tax evasion.

  Recently, the Taxation Bureau of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, through the analysis of tax big data, found that Xu Guohao, an online anchor, was suspected of tax evasion.

After investigation, Xu Guohao obtained income from live broadcasts from 2019 to 2020, failed to file tax returns in accordance with the law and underpaid personal income tax of 17.5557 million yuan, and falsely declared and evaded personal income tax of 19.1419 million yuan through fictitious business conversion of the nature of income. Pay other taxes and fees of 2.1896 million yuan.

  The Inspection Bureau of the Taxation Bureau of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province pursued Xu Guohao for paying taxes, levying late fees and fines totaling 108 million yuan.

Among them, the individual income tax of 17.5557 million yuan underpaid for failing to file tax returns in accordance with the law was imposed a fine of 17.5557 million yuan; the personal income tax of 19.1419 million yuan for the fictitious business conversion income that was falsely declared and evaded, a fine of 2 times was imposed. 38.2838 million yuan.

  He was recovered and fined 108 million yuan. This figure surprised many netizens. At the same time, people were concerned, who is Xu Guohao who was investigated?

Xu Guohao was the anchor of Momo

  Zhongxin Finance reporter learned that this person is the anchor of Momo, Momo number: Xu Ze.

But at present, there is no relevant information in the search on Momo APP.

The number of insured members of Xu Guohao's affiliated companies is 0

  The Tianyancha App shows that Xu Guohao is associated with 1 company, Jiangxi Zemu Film and Television Co., Ltd., which was established in December 2020. Xu Guohao serves as the legal representative, executive director and general manager. The company has a registered capital of 200 million yuan and a business scope. Including film and television art props setting services, camera and video production services, digital content production services, corporate image planning, cultural and entertainment brokerage services, information consulting services, etc., jointly held by Lin Qingxing and Wang Nana.

The company's annual report last year showed that its insured number was 0.

Two tax evasion anchors investigated and punished in one week

  This is the second Internet anchor who has been fined for tax evasion as notified by the tax department in a week.

  On June 9, Internet anchor Sun Zixuan (net name: Emperor Shi) was fined for allegedly evading taxes.

After investigation, Sun Zixuan, from 2019 to 2020, failed to file tax returns according to the law and underpaid personal income tax of 1.9786 million yuan. He evaded personal income tax of 2.2012 million yuan by hiding personal income from live broadcasts with the help of intermediary companies, and underpaid other taxes and fees. 347,600 yuan.

The taxation department pursued the collection of taxes, imposed late payment fines and proposed to impose fines, totaling 11.7145 million yuan.

  It is worth noting that the tax evasion behaviors of the two men were discovered through tax big data analysis.

"Five-step work approach" to regulate tax evasion

  The tax department will further strengthen tax services and tax supervision for practitioners in the online live broadcasting industry. Relying on the analysis of tax big data, if there is a tax-related risk,

follow the "prompt reminder, urge rectification, interview warning, file a case for inspection, public exposure". "Five-step work method" to deal with, and

continuously improve the tax law compliance of practitioners in the online live broadcast industry, and promote the long-term standardized and healthy development of the industry.

  The National Taxation Work Conference at the end of 2021 also mentioned the "five-step work method". The conference pointed out that in 2021, the effective methods of implementing supervision for high-income groups with tax-related problems will be summarized in a timely manner, and a reminder will be formed first, and then supervised and counseled. After the warning, the case was filed for inspection in accordance with the law for those who still refused to cooperate with rectification after the warning, and the "five-step work method" that was publicly exposed after the investigation and punishment was selected for some of the filed cases with serious circumstances and bad influence, which effectively prevented and resolved some hidden risks.

Webcasting is not a tax 'grey area'

  In recent years, with the rapid rise of new formats such as webcasting, some anchors have not only failed to play an exemplary role in self-discipline, but also tried to evade taxes by luck. The society disrupted the normal market order and fair competition environment, and caused tax losses to the country, which not only broke the bottom line of morality, but also trampled on the red line of the law.

  The tax department strictly abides by the tax laws and regulations, takes facts as the basis and the law as the criterion, and seriously investigates and punishes the tax evasion of online anchors, which not only demonstrates the fairness and justice of the society, but also better regulates the healthy development of the online live broadcast industry.

  The exposure of this case once again conveys the firm determination of the tax authorities to continue to crack down on online anchors’ tax evasion and maintain the authority of the tax law and a fair tax environment. While the lawbreakers sound the alarm, they will vigorously promote the healthy development of the webcasting industry and create a fair and just tax environment for law-abiding people.

  Laws must be followed, violations must be punished, honest tax payment is honorable, tax evasion and tax evasion are shameful.

Everyone has the obligation to pay taxes in good faith in accordance with the law. The online live broadcast industry is neither a place outside the law nor a "grey area" for taxation

. As an online anchor, no matter how famous or popular, once tax evasion touches the bottom line of the law, If you cannot escape sanctions, you must bear the corresponding price. Any tax evasion that takes chances and takes risks will be severely punished in accordance with the law.