When the government expands the target of "prefectural discount" that can receive discounts on travel prices nationwide, it will raise the amount of discount support from the country and make weekday coupons higher than holidays to avoid the concentration of tourists. We have decided to introduce various measures.

The prefectural discounts implemented by the prefectures with the support of the national government can be used for discounting travel prices and purchasing souvenirs for trips within the prefecture where you live or within blocks that divide the whole country into six. It is a measure to stimulate tourism demand to receive coupons.

Regarding this, Prime Minister Kishida announced at a press conference on the 15th that if improvement in the infection situation is confirmed, the target area will be expanded nationwide from the first half of July.

If the government expands nationwide along with this, the government plans to raise the maximum amount of support for discounting travel prices from the current maximum of 5,000 yen per person to 8,000 yen for travel products that use public transportation. Hardened.

In addition, coupons with an upper limit of 2000 yen that can be used for purchasing souvenirs will be 1000 yen on holidays, while we will introduce a new measure to avoid the concentration of tourists by setting 3000 yen on weekdays.

The period is to be until the end of August, excluding Obon.

Even if the government decides to expand nationwide, it is up to the prefecture to decide whether or not to actually apply it.

We would like to stimulate tourism demand by expanding the prefectural discount, which can be decided by prefectures according to the infection situation, and to support public transportation.