China News Service, Beijing, June 16 (Reporter Pang Wuji) In May, the sales prices of commercial housing in China's large and medium-sized cities continued to decline month-on-month, but the decline slowed down.

  According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on the 16th, in May, among the 70 large and medium-sized cities in China, 25 cities saw a month-on-month increase in the sales price of new commercial housing, 43 cities saw a decline, and 2 cities remained flat.

  The number of cities where house prices fell month-on-month decreased.

In May, the number of cities where new home prices rose month-on-month increased by 7 compared with the previous month, and the number of cities where new home prices fell month-on-month decreased by 4.

  From the perspective of housing price fluctuations, Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, pointed out that in May, the average price index of newly built commercial housing in 70 cities in China fell by 0.2% month-on-month, and the decline narrowed by 0.1 percentage points from the previous month.

  However, compared with the same period last year, the price of new houses in 70 cities entered a year-on-year decline range, with a drop of 0.8%. This is the first year-on-year decline in new house prices in 77 months.

  From the perspective of various tier cities, Sheng Guoqing, chief statistician of the City Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, pointed out that in May, the sales price of new commercial housing in first-tier cities rose by 0.4% month-on-month, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous month; second-tier cities fell by 0.1% month-on-month, a decrease Same as last month; third-tier cities decreased by 0.3% month-on-month, 0.3 percentage points lower than the previous month.

  Zhang Bo, director of the branch of 58 Anju Room Property Research Institute, believes that the decline in housing prices in 70 cities in May slowed down, which means that the current property market is in the stage of bottoming and recovery, confidence is constantly recovering, and the most difficult time has slowly passed.

In particular, the recovery of first- and second-tier hotspot cities is accelerating. In May, the increase in the sales price of new commercial housing in first-tier cities expanded.

Except for Shanghai, where market transactions were suspended due to the epidemic, the recovery in other cities continued.

  Chen Xiao, a senior analyst at the Zhuge Housing Data Research Center, pointed out that in May, according to the agency's incomplete statistics, various localities introduced supportive property market policies over 220 times, of which 99 policies were introduced in a single month in May, and the frequency of policies was unprecedented.

And the credit side has also ushered in new positives, with the lowest mortgage interest rate in various places down to 4.25%.

The superposition of multiple positives has played an important role in boosting market confidence, and there have also been positive changes in housing prices in May.

Looking forward to the market outlook, although the repair on the market side has not yet met expectations, there have been positive signals of adjustment.