China News Service, Guangzhou, June 15 (Sun Qiuxia and Yue Ruixuan) Since the beginning of this year, policies such as VAT credits and refunds, "six taxes and two fees" reduction and exemption, and deferral of taxes and fees for manufacturing small, medium and micro enterprises have been introduced intensively.

The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation that as of June 9, the Guangdong region has added a total of 190.7 billion yuan in tax rebates, tax reductions, fee reductions, and tax deferrals.

  Large-scale value-added tax credits and refunds are the "highlight" of the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy this year.

From April 1st to June 9th, 106.7 billion yuan of tax rebates in Guangdong have been refunded to taxpayers' accounts. In addition, the old policy of 8.6 billion yuan in tax refunds has been implemented in the last quarter, and a total of 115.3 billion yuan has been accumulated. The tax refund will be refunded to the taxpayer's account.

Shaoguan City tax personnel understand the enjoyment of the enterprise tax refund policy and the use of tax refund.

Photo by Yue Ruixuan

  "We use tax big data to help accurately identify taxpayers who meet the conditions for tax refunds, add pop-up reminders to the e-tax bureau, accurately push relevant policy content, and organize video 'live-stream' taxation counseling by classification, batches, and installments. " said Wang Xing, deputy director of the goods and labor tax division of the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau.

  Dongguan Fujin Food Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise that is "chased" by big data to enjoy large-scale value-added tax credits and refunds, and manufacturing small, medium and micro enterprises to postpone the payment of taxes and fees.

At the beginning of the year, in order to meet the sales peak of the Spring Festival New Year's goods, the company increased the stocking volume, and the capital flow was tight, and the tax personnel quickly sent the policy to the company.

The data shows that the company has received 10.4 million yuan in tax refunds, and applied for over 2.4 million yuan in tax payment.

  Tax rebates and tax reduction dividends have been released intensively, and market players have a clear sense of gain.

From April 1 to June 9, among the taxpayers who have received tax refunds, small and micro enterprises accounted for 95.2%, with a total tax refund of 49.27 billion yuan, accounting for 46.2%.

Guangzhou Baiyun District Taxation Bureau has set up a special area for VAT refunds to help taxpayers enjoy the policy.

Photo by Yue Ruixuan

  In addition to large-scale tax rebates, the new combined tax support policy also includes tax reductions, tax exemptions, tax deferrals, fee reductions, and fee deferrals.

The data shows that from January to April, the Guangdong region added 20.7 billion yuan in tax cuts and fee reductions, including 3.5 billion yuan in new tax cuts for small-scale taxpayers who enjoyed preferential value-added tax policies, and 3.5 billion yuan in new tax cuts for the "six taxes and two fees" policy. 3.5 billion yuan in tax reduction and 1.3 billion yuan in tax reductions will be added to the policy of halving the annual taxable income of small and low-profit enterprises from 1 million to 3 million yuan.

In terms of tax deferred payment, as of June 9, Guangdong continued to implement the policy of deferred payment of small, medium and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry, with a total deferred tax payment of 54.7 billion yuan.

  The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau said that they will strengthen the overall planning of policy implementation and risk prevention and control, deliver tax incentives to taxpayers "at hand", make tax payment services "in the heart" of the masses, and make every effort to ensure a combined tax The fee support policy has been carefully and steadily implemented, injecting a "strengthening shot" into the development of market players.