Maud Descamps 06:09, June 15, 2022

A renationalization of EDF to allow it to build new nuclear reactors has not yet been decided, but it "is not excluded", said Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher on Europe 1 on Tuesday. the electricity giant, the State will have to pay between 5 and 6 billion euros.

This is an announcement that has not gone unnoticed.

The state does not rule out nationalizing the giant EDF again.

This was declared by the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher on Tuesday on Europe 1. "This decision will be looked at, it is not settled, but it is not excluded. It is a project that will allow us to accelerate on renewable energies, but which will also allow us to accelerate on nuclear, because we must not fall behind, and therefore we are also going to work on the shareholder trajectory, which makes up EDF's shareholding," she said.

Nationalization would cost the state 5 to 6 billion euros

Renationalizing EDF would allow the State to finance the new French nuclear program, that is to say the six EPR power plants that EDF will have to build in the coming years.

The cost of this operation is estimated at around 60 billion euros.

But the problem is that EDF is already heavily in debt.

The government's decision to force the energy company to sell more electricity at low prices to its competitors to limit the increase in our electricity bill has even worsened the company's financial situation.


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The state already holds 85% of the capital of EDF, so it will only cost five to six billion euros to nationalize the electricity giant.

The State will then have to ensure the financing of the new nuclear, either by public finances, or by increasing the bills of the French.