China News Service, Beijing, June 13 (Reporter Du Yan) From June 13 to June 19 this year is the 32nd National Energy Conservation Publicity Week, with the theme of "green and low carbon, energy saving first".

Today, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Municipal People's Government jointly held the online launching ceremony of the 2022 National Energy Conservation Propaganda Week and Beijing Energy Conservation Propaganda Week, kicking off the "Cloud" Energy Conservation Propaganda Week.

Among them, Beijing will launch a series of special activities mainly online.

 National action, education first

  To popularize the concept of energy saving and low carbon, we must start from the baby. Since 2018, Beijing has organized and implemented the construction of a practical education base for energy conservation and efficient utilization of resources for primary and secondary school students. into the family and into the whole society.

  During this energy-saving publicity week, Beijing will focus on recommending 5 primary and secondary education bases, including Beijing Drainage Science Museum and Huaxin Luyuan Environmental Science Education Base, to encourage small hands to hold big hands, and to experience the benefits of practicing energy-saving and low-carbon concepts on life and work at close range. Change.

 Building energy efficiency, leading technology

  The promotion of ultra-low energy consumption buildings is of great significance to improving the level of building energy conservation and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Beijing will promote ultra-low energy consumption buildings as a systematic project, and the demonstration projects have covered a variety of building types and structural forms.

  During the Energy Conservation Publicity Week, the “Cloud” launch special page of CCTV Network’s 2022 Energy Conservation Publicity Week will display the demonstration projects of ultra-low energy consumption buildings in Beijing’s residential buildings, public buildings and other fields, publicize the concept of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, and help build a green Beijing.

Promote green energy-saving consumption

  In order to further unleash the potential of green energy-saving consumption and accelerate the formation of a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumption model, Beijing issued a new round of green energy-saving consumption coupons. From June to October 2022, it will be aimed at consumers in Beijing. On the online platforms of participating companies such as, Suning, Dazhong, Gome, True Happiness, B&Q, Boda Xincheng, Wumart Beijing World, Tianyu Xinde, Changda Siyuan, etc., issue green energy-saving consumption coupons, online and offline can be used.

There are 21 types of green energy-saving consumption vouchers. Consumers in Beijing can receive 1 voucher package each month on the online platform of the same participating company, including 8 consumption vouchers, with a total amount of 1,500 yuan.

 Plastic Reduction and Anti-Food Waste Public Welfare Work Exhibition

  In order to continue to promote the publicity work of reducing plastics and anti-food waste in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission will continue to organize a public solicitation of publicity works for reducing plastics and anti-food waste this year in conjunction with the Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Promotion Association.

  During the energy conservation publicity week, Beijing will continue to focus on displaying the outstanding public welfare publicity works on plastic reduction and anti-food waste, advocating the reduction of the use of plastic products, sorting out plastic waste, and reusing plastic products, so as to guide the whole society to practice conservation and oppose food waste. , to build and share a green and low-carbon good life.

  At the same time, representatives of relevant industry associations and beverage companies in Beijing will issue the "Bring Your Own Cup Action" initiative, advocating consumers to bring their own drinking cups when purchasing coffee, milk tea and other beverages, reduce the use of disposable plastic cups, and do "bring your own cups". Promoters, practitioners, and propagandists of the Cup Action", driving the whole society to form a good living habit of "plastic reduction".

Seven beverage companies said that consumers who bring their own reusable drinking cups to the store to buy beverages will enjoy discounts or discounts of 2 to 5 yuan.

  Energy-saving technology cloud exchange series activities

  In order to solidly promote the construction of Beijing's green technology innovation system, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee have carried out the solicitation and selection of Beijing's innovative green technology.

After review, the recommended catalogue (2022 edition) of Beijing's innovative green technologies (in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement) was released, and the first batch of seven energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement technologies were recommended to the society.

  In order to further strengthen the promotion and application of innovative green technologies, promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas and the green and low-carbon transformation of key industries, a series of cloud exchange activities on energy conservation technologies will be organized during the energy conservation publicity week, and special topics such as “Innovative Green Technologies Help Beijing Improve Energy Efficiency” will be organized. preach.

  Advocate green and low-carbon work and lifestyle activities in public institutions

  In order to create a new trend of simplicity, moderation, green and low carbon, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of public institutions in the green and low-carbon development of the whole society, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Government Affairs will launch the 2022 Beijing Municipal Public Institutions Energy Conservation Publicity Week, which will start the energy conservation publicity week. Ceremony to spread the concept of energy saving and carbon reduction and green development; release public institutions green and low-carbon code of conduct propaganda films to advocate green and low-carbon work and lifestyles; carry out online "CD punching" activities for public institutions to take the lead in practicing anti-food waste; organize Cadres and employees participated in green and low-carbon lectures, energy-saving quizzes, and popularized the knowledge of "double carbon".

  In 2021, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP will decrease by about 38% compared with 2012

  The Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission stated that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Beijing has regarded energy conservation and energy efficiency as an important starting point to accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, and contribute to the construction of a green Beijing.

According to preliminary estimates, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP in 2021 will decrease by about 38% compared with that in 2012, and the energy saving goals and tasks set by the state have been exceeded year after year; high-tech industries with high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption and low pollution emissions are actively developed. ; The energy structure has been gradually optimized, and the proportion of clean energy has continued to increase; a total of 188 energy-saving technological transformation projects have been given financial incentives and support, resulting in an annual energy saving of about 210,000 tons of standard coal.

The implementation of two rounds of three-year energy-saving and emission-reduction policies to promote consumption and subsidies for energy-saving and emission-reduction products have led participating companies to sell more than 11 million energy-saving products, achieving sales of nearly 42 billion yuan and saving about 760 million kWh of electricity.