The government and the ruling party have come up with a new investor protection plan to prevent a similar incident like the collapse of the cryptocurrency Luna.

Until a related law is enacted, private exchanges will be allowed to autonomously manage the cryptocurrency issue, but controversy continues over whether it will work.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo reports.


The key to the new cryptocurrency measures introduced by the government and the ruling party is that private exchanges are autonomously managed.

As it takes a long time to enact the law, he is saying that he will hand over management authority to the private sector first.

First, the representatives of 5 famous domestic cryptocurrency exchanges will lead the way to create a joint council.

Here, we will discuss which cryptocurrencies should be listed and abolished, how to manage risk, and how to detect illegal activities.

Director Lee Bok-hyeon, who took his first official step as the Financial Supervisory Service's former prosecutor, also emphasized private self-regulation.

[Lee Bok-hyeon/Director of the Financial Supervisory Service: The establishment of market self-regulation through the active participation of private experts needs to be emphasized.]

However, it is pointed out that this is not a fundamental measure.

Criticism has been raised as to whether it is appropriate to entrust risk management to private exchanges, which are making a lot of money through listing and trading of cryptocurrencies.

[Kim Gap-rae / Research Fellow, Capital Market Research Institute: After doing all of these things, a business model with a high margin rate was born, so you should have come up with a way to resolve the conflict of interest.

] It is also a problem that the company has not decided whether or not to assume the final management and supervision responsibility.

[Yoon Jae-ok/Chairman of National Assembly Political Affairs: From the first time it became a problem, there was a concern that there was a delay in time because even the competent department could not decide, and even after that, the responsibility relationship has not been clearly arranged.]

Joint evaluation of exchanges to filter out insolvent virtual currency The standard is expected to come out after four months, so the management vacancy is expected to continue for a while.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Park Ki-duk)