“I can assure you that today the state does not earn money on fuel taxes”.

Elisabeth Borne is categorical.

Asked about the rise in fuel prices during a public meeting this Wednesday evening in Vire (Calvados), the head of government assured that the State was not getting richer thanks to taxes.

“Protecting purchasing power” or “successful ecological transition”

The prices of road fuels sold in France rose last week, with gasoline rising above the 2 euro mark despite the pump discount put in place by the government.

Élisabeth Borne described the situation as "quite paradoxical" and a "delicate" moment to "protect the purchasing power of the French" when "at the same time, the maximum amount of money is needed to get out of dependence on energy fossils”.

"We have to invest a lot of resources to make a success of the ecological transition, the energy transition, and for the moment we are in the process of massively investing resources to finance fossil fuels", she said in front of around 300 people present in the Vaudeville hall, largely acquired by the presidential majority.

“Getting out of fossil fuels”

“We must also bear in mind that we must naturally protect purchasing power, and we are going to do it, we will continue with this price shield, and that at the same time we absolutely must manage to do this shift, to reduce the consumption of buildings, to change heating systems, to switch to electric cars.

And that we can devote the maximum of the country's resources to getting out of fossil fuels rather than subsidizing fossil fuels,” said the Prime Minister.

The extension until the end of the year of the "tariff shield" (cap on electricity and gas prices) has been recorded.

"Everyone must be aware that the tariff shield is 20 to 25 billion expenses," added the one who seeks to be elected in the 6th constituency of Calvados.

She will also be campaigning this Thursday evening and this Friday in the department before the first round of the legislative elections organized on Sunday.


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