Incident charges.

The UFC-Que Choisir urges the government to bring to heel the excesses of banks in terms of fees charged to their customers, particularly in the event of direct debit rejections.

Operations billed to consumers which would bring nearly 1.8 billion euros to banking establishments, according to the association.

For the consumer association, which has gone through the tariff brochures of the 21 representative establishments of sector 1, “banks win every time on direct debit incidents”.

Intervention commissions and newsletters

When the payment is authorized despite an account in the red, an intervention commission is most often debited up to the legal ceiling of 8 euros.

To drive home the point, one in four banks (24%), all members of the Banques Populaires – Caisse d'Épargne Group, can think of nothing better than to increase the bill by sending their customers an “information” letter to 10.70 euros on average.

In the event of a direct debit being rejected, all banks systematically apply fees up to the legal limit of 20 euros.

French banking establishments apply higher fees than their European neighbors

These massive receipts are particularly questionable if we refer to what is practiced among our European neighbors.

Indeed, in France, these fines are three times higher than those practiced in Belgium (6.90 euros) and even respectively eight and seventeen times higher than in Italy (2.50 euros) and Germany. 8 (1.20 euros).

Such discrepancies confirm the exorbitant level of the margins practiced by French banks on the costs of incidents and which have been evaluated at no less than 86% by the consumer association.

In a context of unprecedented tensions on the consumer budget, the Government must seize the purchasing power law to force the banks to come to their senses on the costs of rejection of direct debits, recommends the association.


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