China News Service, Shanghai, June 7 (Reporter Xu Jing) The Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced on the 7th that it has jointly issued the "Regarding the application of vocational skills improvement subsidies for workers in this city" together with the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Finance. The Notice on Matters concerning Shanghai’s occupational skills improvement subsidy policy has been revised and improved, and the national occupational qualification certificates of skilled personnel closely related to safety production, public safety, personal health, life and property safety are included in the scope of occupational skills improvement subsidies.

  Eligible laborers who participate in vocational skills recognition and obtain vocational skills grade certificates can enjoy vocational skills improvement subsidies in accordance with the prescribed standards; for those listed in the national vocational qualification catalogue published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the competent industry authorities in Shanghai or their authorized units will press It is stipulated that the national vocational qualification certificate for skilled personnel organized and implemented shall be included in the scope of the vocational skill improvement subsidy project in an orderly manner after being issued by the industry competent department in conjunction with the commercial and social department and the financial department.

  Shanghai clarifies that the subsidy standard for vocational skills improvement is 1,500 yuan/person for junior workers (level 5), 2,000 yuan/person for intermediate workers (level 4), 2,500 yuan/person for senior workers (level 3), and 3,000 yuan/person for technicians (level 2). Person, senior technician (level 1) 3500 yuan/person, regardless of the level of vocational qualification certificate, the subsidy standard of 1000 yuan/person will be implemented.

Persons with Shanghai household registration, flexible employment, disabled persons and retired soldiers, persons with employment difficulties, graduates from colleges and universities, unemployed persons, persons with insurance assistance, and surplus rural laborers can enjoy vocational skills upgrading subsidies in accordance with the prescribed proportion. In-service personnel with municipal household registration and employment in Shanghai, and students in the school year of graduation from colleges and universities in Shanghai can refer to the implementation.

  In addition, workers who participate in vocational skills evaluation as required and obtain vocational skills certificates can apply for vocational skills improvement subsidies through the “Shanghai Human Society” APP or the windows of employment promotion centers in various districts within 12 months from the date of issuance of the certificate.

If there is no objection after being reviewed and announced to the public, the subsidy funds will be distributed to the bank account associated with the worker’s social security card or the personal bank account provided by the worker.

  On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security stated that in order to improve the skill level of students in vocational schools and cultivate more high-quality technical and technical talents, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Education Commission recently jointly issued the "About Promoting Vocational Schools Announcement on Carrying out Vocational Skill Level Recognition Work, further improve the vocational school student skills evaluation system, improve the working mechanism of coordinated promotion, and increase the support of policy measures.

  The "Notice" makes it clear that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will adhere to the industry orientation, keep close to the market demand, and gradually build a comprehensive and multi-level vocational skill level recognition system for vocational school students, and cultivate and develop a group of vocational schools in the city. A professional skill evaluation institution with standardized operation and remarkable results, to create a group of professional skill evaluation brands with industrial characteristics and Shanghai characteristics. The professional coverage rate that students can participate in the vocational skill level certification in the graduation year of vocational schools reaches 80%, which will help students grow and become talents. Provide strong support for employment and entrepreneurship.

  The "Notice" clarifies four key tasks, namely, supporting vocational schools to organize their students to participate in vocational skills evaluation, guiding vocational schools to carry out vocational skills evaluation for their students, encouraging vocational schools to provide vocational skills evaluation services to the society, and establishing and improving quality supervision. and technical service mechanism.

  The "Notice" emphasizes three support policies, that is, students who participate in vocational skill level recognition and obtain corresponding vocational skill certificates in the graduation year of vocational schools can enjoy vocational skills improvement subsidies according to relevant Shanghai regulations; The identification of students' vocational skill levels is incorporated into vocational school education and training combined with performance assessment indicators, and the distribution of internal performance wages is inclined to front-line teachers who undertake the task of skill evaluation; for vocational schools and teachers with outstanding performance in related work, relevant funds will be implemented in the implementation of relevant funds. Policies are given preference in terms of funding and smooth career development channels.

  The "Notice" first proposed to support vocational schools to carry out vocational skill level recognition for students in the school's graduation year, and formulated and issued the "Guidelines for Vocational Schools to Carry out Vocational Skill Level Recognition for Students of This School". Specific provisions have been made in terms of process, organization and implementation.

  According to reports, in order to cope with the impact of the epidemic, Shanghai has specially stipulated that graduates of 2022 colleges and universities can return to their original schools to participate in vocational skill level identification before December 31, 2022. Those who have obtained certificates can enjoy vocational skills improvement subsidies as students in the graduation year.

  Vocational schools that have been formally established, registered according to law, and have enrollment qualifications within the Shanghai administrative region, and meet the relevant conditions, can apply for the record to become a Shanghai vocational skill level evaluation agency, and carry out vocational skill level certification for students in the school’s graduation year. The students are issued the corresponding vocational skill level certificate.