Cloud tourism, not only looks beautiful

  "Do you want to see the sunrise and sunset of Mount Huangshan?" "Do you want to see Yunjuan Yunshu of Cangshan and Erhai Lake?" In the days when you cannot travel far away due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, using a mobile phone to travel around the world, perhaps Can make up for some regrets.

  With the increasing development of digital information technology, cloud tourism has become popular during the epidemic. It comforts people's souls who yearn for poetry and distant places, and has also become an alternative choice for tourists.

  Helping tourism recover

  The ancient city of Pingyao is here, the majestic Mount Tai is here, and the Dai Nationality Park in Xishuangbanna is here... On May 19th, on the 12th "China Tourism Day", the activity of "Ten Thousand Tour Guides Take You to the Cloud" was launched. Through the lens of mobile phones, the motherland's The great rivers and mountains meet with tourists in the "cloud".

The day before was International Museum Day, and museums around the world started live broadcasts and other activities to make cultural relics within reach.

  Tourists commented while traveling, "Thank you to the anchor for letting me lie in bed and see the sunrise on the top of the mountain" "The Terracotta Warriors can use a magnifying glass to see the details, which is a different perspective experience from watching live"...

  With the popularization and application of 5G, VR and other technologies, the scenic spots that were once recorded only through photos and texts have become vivid on mobile phones, which allows people who cannot be physically present to find the joy of traveling through the screen.

  "The so-called cloud tourism covers the sum of the travel experience achieved through digitalization, virtualization and other intelligent means without leaving home. Specifically, the common forms of cloud tourism include non-cargo travel live broadcasts, short travel videos, and travel Vlogs. , VR virtual tourism, etc.” said Deng Ning, deputy dean of the School of Tourism Science of Beijing International Studies University.

  Affected by the epidemic, people's travel is restricted, which makes cloud tourism gather traffic that cannot be ignored in a short period of time.

According to the "May 1 Douyin Travel Report" released by Douyin Life Service and the Giant Engine City Research Institute, a total of 250 million people followed the tour guide in the live broadcast room to check in to the scenic spots during the "May Day" holiday this year; 3.85 billion cloud tours.

  Fan Runquan is an anchor on His usual job is to lead netizens to check in scenic spots and hotels through live broadcasts.

A 40-minute livestream typically draws about 500,000 views, he said.

"Through our lens and explanation, many people will be planted grass, and have the urge to travel consumption. Even if the trip cannot be made at the moment, we will put our recommendation into the wish list." In his view, although cloud tourism cannot be counted as a Tourism in the true sense, but the "grass it planted" has laid the seeds of hope for the recovery of tourism.

  "Under the epidemic, with the help of the traffic effect of cloud tourism, the return of tourists after the epidemic has increased visibility and attention, which has become a real demand for tourism destinations." said Cui Yupeng, deputy general manager of the holiday division of Fliggy Travel. In addition to domestic purposes Many popular overseas destinations have also joined the cloud tourism team.

Up to now, dozens of tourism bureaus of overseas destinations including Thailand, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other countries have successively logged into Fliggy's official live broadcast room, and the highest viewing volume of a single live broadcast has reached 1.145 million.

  Convert traffic into sales

  "Sister Taishan Juan", whose real name is Zhang Juan, is a celebrity on Douyin. She regularly broadcasts every week to show netizens the magnificent scenery of Mount Tai and other places.

Zhang Juan was originally a tour guide. She said that affected by the epidemic, the tourism industry is facing unprecedented difficulties, and practitioners in the entire chain are facing the problem of transformation.

Seeing that friends around her rely on short videos to become popular on the Internet, Zhang Juan decided to use her advantages as a professional tour guide to start the broadcast.

  On May 15, 2020, "Sister Taishan Juan" made her debut on Douyin, and the effect was far beyond her imagination. "When I was a tour guide, I usually only faced 30 people, but now a live broadcast can have tens of thousands of people online at the same time. At most, there are even hundreds of thousands of people watching." The attention of netizens has strengthened Zhang Juan's confidence, not only enriching her knowledge reserve, transmitting positive energy in the live broadcast, but also using her popularity to bring goods for Taishan specialties and her hometown specialties. increase income.

Like Zhang Juan, many tour guides who have been active in major scenic spots are also transforming and developing through cloud tourism.

  Scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and other companies that have gained attention through cloud tourism are concerned about how to convert traffic into sales.

"We will understand where the buyer's focus is from the perspective of consumers, highlight the characteristics during the shooting process, and answer various questions during the live broadcast, so that everyone wants to experience and consume after watching it." Fan Runquan said that he was successfully planted. Grass consumers can directly click on the link to buy travel products, "This type of product generally provides consumers with a longer travel time option, and can be refunded at any time before the final write-off to avoid the uncertainty of the epidemic to consumers. to lose."

  Xie Xiaoqing, a senior researcher at Ctrip Research Institute, said that the content output of cloud tourism helps to expand sales, and live broadcast is a form with a high content conversion rate.

By the end of 2021, more than 80% of hotel brands across the country have cooperated with Ctrip BOSS live broadcast, and 44% of users will place an order for live broadcast products within 24 hours after watching the live broadcast.

  In addition, with the help of cloud tourism, many museums and other cultural venues have realized the presentation and explanation of national treasures in the cloud, and the accumulated popularity has driven the cloud sales of cultural and creative products.

  In Dunning's view, cloud tourism can transform online attention into offline consumption. The specific forms include generating travel impulses through cloud tourism, and then purchasing destination and travel agency products; booking some highly cost-effective expected products , such as hotels, air tickets, etc.; purchase peripheral products of tourist destinations, such as special products, souvenirs, etc., which can alleviate the operating difficulties of tourism companies under the epidemic to a certain extent.

  how long will it last

  "Cloud tourism can be seen as an alternative when offline tourism cannot be carried out. After the epidemic, the popularity of cloud tourism will definitely decline, but from the perspective of destination marketing, travel bloggers' personal IP, travel short videos The visual impact of tourism and the price of popular products given by travel live broadcasts have formed a new paradigm for marketing drainage and product sales." Dunning believes that under this trend, the tourism industry is bound to catch up with this wave of traffic dividends.

  "In the related videos of cloud tourism, there are a large number of comments and feedback from netizens. Tourists can use it as a reference to obtain travel information in advance, conduct online consultation and reservations, etc." The relevant person in charge of Douyin believes that cloud tourism can become a normalization. tourism destination promotion model.

Since February this year, the "DOU in the Mountains is a Good Scenery" project jointly launched by ByteDance Public Welfare and Douyin Life Services has been launched in Guangxi, Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi and other places. The project helps destinations through live broadcasts, short videos and other means Marketing, for the recovery of the tourism industry and the increase of farmers' income.

Grabbing the dividends of cloud tourism marketing is inseparable from certain professional skills.

The relevant person in charge of Douyin said, "In places where you have just come into contact with cloud tourism, there is a lack of professionals, and you do not understand the composition, methods and rules of the operation team. For this reason, we continue to carry out free online live training, hoping to Help more local people master the skills of live cloud tourism."

  Although cloud tourism cannot bring an immersive tourism experience, compared with the fancy field tourism, cloud tourism uses digital technology to enrich the tourism experience. After the epidemic is over, it can be used as a useful supplement to field tourism.

  "The way of cloud travel live broadcast can explain more knowledge points and make the travel experience more interesting and detailed." said Tao Rui, a commentator of Fliggy Travel.

Digital innovations make destinations such as museums more accessible and engaging, which can help audiences understand complex and nuanced concepts.

According to Fliggy data, during the "May 1st" holiday, the four live broadcasts of the Palace Museum, Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Prince Kung's Mansion, and Jinsha Site Museum were viewed by more than 4 million people.

In addition to live streaming cloud tours, Fliggy also integrates digital technology into the travel experience of cultural attractions such as museums.

  It is foreseeable that the service innovation around cloud tourism will continuously improve the intelligent service level of tourist destinations such as scenic spots and museums.

"Cloud tourism will play a long-term role in enhancing attractiveness and cultural connotation and enhancing the tourist experience." Dunning said.