Seven-Eleven Japan, the largest convenience store, will raise the price of coffee that can be made in stores from July, while the prices of things that are familiar to people in daily life are rising one after another due to soaring raw material prices.

Regular size coffee, which was 100 yen per cup including tax, will be 110 yen.

According to the announcement, from July 4th, the prices of coffee and latte of all sizes sold in stores will be increased by 10% to 20%.

The purchase price of coffee beans is soaring due to the increase in global demand, and the cost of containers, packaging materials, and distribution is also rising against the backdrop of high crude oil prices, so we will raise the price for the first time since the start of sales in 2013. about it.

As a result,

▼ regular size coffee, which was 100 yen including tax, will be 110 yen, and

▼ large size hot coffee will be 150 to 180 yen.

At major convenience stores, FamilyMart is also raising the price of L-sized coffee in April.

As the prices of drinks, food, and other familiar items continue to rise due to soaring raw material prices, the price of coffee, which is the main product of convenience stores, is also rising.