China News Service, Shanghai, June 3 (Gao Zhimiao) From the "21 Measures" issued by Shanghai to fight the epidemic at the end of March to the recently released "Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization", increasing inclusive finance Financial relief policies such as support and promotion of financial institutions to reduce fees and give profits have always been an important part of the fight against the "epidemic".

  As an important lever for adjusting the macro economy, finance plays an important "stabilizer" role in the new round of epidemic in Shanghai.

"The epidemic has led to the emergence of many uncertain risks, and finance can help companies solve these uncertainties and risks." Yang Changchang, chief economist of Shenwan Hongyuan, told

  Yang Changchang believes that the supporting role of finance is mainly reflected in three aspects. One is to provide targeted financial arrangements according to the rhythm and development stage of enterprises' resumption of work and production; the other is to make good use of the insurance tools of futures companies to help enterprises stabilize raw material prices. , to stabilize its supply chain; third, in terms of financial services, the anti-epidemic fund should help companies transform and upgrade their business models.

  He Jianhua, a researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, also said that finance is the blood of the modern economy. It helps companies bail out in the fight against uncertain events such as the epidemic, and plays an important "blood transfusion" role. It is the financial industry to serve the development of the real economy and reflect social responsibility. Responsible.

Shanghai is striving to build an international financial center, and it should give full play to the special functions of finance in the crisis of uncertain events.

  Lin Shunhui, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, said recently that banks and enterprises are a community with a shared future, and helping enterprises is helping themselves.

The Shanghai Branch of China Construction Bank will make good use of the preferential policies of the FA, provide sufficient credit resources at competitive prices for the private economy, provide efficient and convenient financial services, and contribute financial strength to the resumption of work and production for enterprises with stronger responsibilities.

  The Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch recently jointly released financial support measures for "helping the real economy and stabilizing the development of foreign trade" to help private enterprises resume work, production, and markets, focusing on inclusive benefits, technology innovation, foreign trade and other fields to provide private enterprises 50 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) special credit support.

  Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch is also continuing to help enterprises to resume work and production with financial support.

Baiterong Plastic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a first-tier supplier in the automotive industry chain, mainly engaged in precision mold opening and plastic injection molding in the automotive, industrial and consumer industries. With the resumption of work and production, Bank of Communications Shanghai During regular return visits, the customer manager of Nanfang Mall Sub-branch learned that the company had short-term capital turnover difficulties, and responded immediately. With the cooperation of the bank and the enterprise, the loan of 10 million yuan was completed.

  In addition, banks also meet financial payment needs through green channels.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Credit Card Center of Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch learned about the payment needs of public institutions, public hospitals and other government-guaranteed enterprises, as well as pharmacies, grain and oil, vegetable farms and other people's livelihood security providers, and took the initiative to open up green channels through online remote processing. Timely opening the collection code and raising the collection limit for the supply guarantee enterprise to ensure the smooth and orderly supply of the enterprise.

  While finance is "blood transfusion" for enterprises, it is also constantly helping enterprises to "make blood" themselves.

The "Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization" pointed out that the "Pujiang Light" action will be implemented in depth to incubate and cultivate more high-quality technology-based enterprises, upgrade the enterprise database and policy database, and provide precise services for the listing of enterprises.

Support financial institutions to issue financial bonds and provide financing support for enterprises in key areas.

  Yang Changchang said: "Given some special policies for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, we have further increased the cultivation of specialized, special, new, small giants and high-tech enterprises, especially under the influence of the epidemic, through the listing of enterprises in the capital market, it is possible to Let it open up more room for development.”

  He Jianhua also said that providing precise services for the listing of enterprises can be said to have seized the "bull nose" of Shanghai's future development.

"As a super-large city, the long-term, healthy and sustainable development of the economy and people's livelihood lies in innovation, and the source of innovation lies in enterprises, especially small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in the physical manufacturing industry. Only in this way can we continuously strengthen the industrial chain like skyscrapers. , the basic chassis of the supply chain and value chain, so that the urban economic development will be stable and far-reaching.” (End)