Is Moutai ice cream expensive?

Recently, Moutai began to sell ice cream. Two of the three prepackaged ice creams are priced at 66 yuan, and the other is priced at 59 yuan.

This time, Maotai's seemingly "not doing business" cross-border sales is also trying to attract young consumer groups, which is a kind of "pleasure" for young people.

But whether this "pleasant" works, and how many people are willing to pay, is worth watching.

According to a poll of 4,527 people on Weibo, 1,913 votes chose "too expensive, and was discouraged by the price", accounting for 42%.

The price of Moutai has already made young people unaffordable. If ice cream also makes people feel unattainable and not close enough to the people, then it is necessary to reflect on the meaning of this cross-border.

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]