It will be difficult for the purchasing power of the French for at least the next 18 months.

France should "get out of the peak of inflation at the end of 2023", indeed assures the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire in an interview to be published this Wednesday in

Le Figaro


According to INSEE's first estimate, inflation accelerated again in France in May, to 5.2% over one year, thus exceeding the 5% mark for the first time since September 1985.

"We will then have a structurally higher level of inflation, around 2%, due to the regionalization of value chains and the very high cost of the energy transition", continues the Minister.

Companies that can must “raise wages”

Prices are currently being driven up by the situation on the energy markets as well as that of the food markets.

“The fight against inflation must be led by everyone.

Companies – and some already do – can also participate, by mobilizing value-sharing tools such as the Macron bonus, participation or profit-sharing,” adds Bruno Le Maire.

“Those with sufficient leeway can also increase wages.

They can also lower prices.

The comparison between France and its European neighbors remains rather flattering, however, with German inflation having recorded a new record on Monday (+7.9% over one year in May).


Inflation: New record broken in the euro zone in May, with 8.1% over one year


Household consumption fell again in April by 0.4%, according to INSEE

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