Sukiya, the largest beef bowl chain, revealed that an employee who was working alone during the morning hours, called "One Operation," collapsed in the store and then died.

In response to this, the company decided to abolish the morning one operation by the end of this month.

According to the company, in January, a female employee who was working alone at a Sukiya store in Nagoya City collapsed during the morning hours from 5 am to 9 am. Approximately three hours later, another employee who came to the store noticed and was taken to the hospital, but was later confirmed dead.

In 2014, Sukiya was pointed out to be overworked due to one operation at midnight, and during the midnight hours, the work system was reviewed by allocating multiple employees.

On the other hand, during the morning hours, the number of customers visiting the store was relatively small, and it was obligatory to wear a device that could contact the headquarters in an emergency.

Since the fallen employee died due to poor physical condition, the company took seriously the situation that the employee could not detect the change and decided to abolish the one operation in the morning time this month.

Sukiya commented, "We pray for the souls of our deceased employees and will strive to further improve the working environment."