Yann Hamon 11:11 a.m., June 01, 2022

With its Future Trophies, Europe 1 rewards companies, associations or local authorities each year for their audacity, their innovation and their visionary side.

In the running for the Environment Trophy in partnership with Derichebourg, Sencrop, which is developing an application to simplify the daily management of agricultural work.

Its co-founder Martin Ducroquet explains that it is thus possible to "view weather information data, crop monitoring and therefore intervene in the fields only if necessary. For example, to sow, spray, irrigate or harvest."

Intervene in the right place and at the right time 

This application also makes it possible to anticipate the arrival of diseases and therefore to intervene in the plot locally and at the right time, thus participating in the agro-ecological transition.

Created 6 years ago, Sencrop now has a hundred employees deployed in Europe who work with just over 25,000 farmers connected to 20,000 sensors. 

Towards a reasoned agriculture 

Martin Ducroquet believes that this nomination constitutes "the possibility of making our technologies known and known to the agricultural world, but above all to consumers and all partners in the food world who will be able, thanks to this, to realize that farmers are ready to embrace the agro-ecological transition with tools that allow them to practice sustainable agriculture."