The airline, which had stopped hiring new graduates due to the deterioration of its business performance due to the influence of the new coronavirus, resumed the selection of general positions for the first time in three years from June 1.

Of these, ANA resumed the selection of general clerical and technical positions from June 1 for those who will graduate from university next spring.

At the company facility in Ota-ku, Tokyo, the first interview was held online, and two interviewers asked about the company's aspirations and what kind of work they would like to do.

As aviation demand is on a recovery trend, with the acceptance of foreign tourists resumed from June 10, the company plans to resume selection for the first time in three years and hire about 55 general employees.

However, the number of general employees hired is only about half that before the spread of the infection, and the hiring of flight attendants has been postponed. The impact of the new corona is still continuing.

Nobuki Katagiri, general manager of the ANA Personnel Department, said, "I am frankly happy that we were able to resume hiring, and I think it will lead to the vitality of the company. We would like to consider resuming flight attendants in the future." rice field.

Japan Airlines has resumed the selection of flight attendants for the first time in three years, in addition to general positions, and has begun interviews on June 1st as well.

In the aviation industry, which was strongly influenced by the new Corona, there is a growing movement to secure human resources to rebuild business performance.