Sino-Singapore Jingwei, June 2 (Wei Wei) At about 17:00 on June 1, earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 4.5 occurred in Lushan County and Baoxing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province.

After the earthquake, many insurance companies have launched emergency response plans.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei learned that as of 7:00 p.m. on June 1, the Sichuan Branch of China Pacific Insurance Property Insurance has received 1 earthquake-related auto insurance report and 1 non-auto insurance report.

As of press time, Ping An Property & Casualty has completed 3 auto insurance claims, with a total amount of 23,760 yuan.

  It is understood that after the earthquake, Ping An Property & Casualty responded quickly, established an emergency response team for major emergencies, and immediately launched 8 emergency measures, including opening a 24-hour 95511 emergency contact hotline, opening a green channel for claims settlement, rescue assistance, and exemption orders Certificates, cancellation of restricted services in designated hospitals, simplification of application procedures for accidental death claims, maintenance coordination, indemnity pre-compensation, etc.

  China Life Insurance Company said that the company urgently launched an emergency response plan, and institutions at all levels formed a joint emergency working group to check customers’ accident situations in the first time, and launched the initiative to find customers, accept reports through multiple channels and 24/7, optimize claims application materials, and cancel Restrictions on designated hospitals, abolition of restrictions on the scope of social security benefits, and provision of door-to-door services are a total of six service measures.

  After the earthquake, CPIC's production and life linkages and total score coordination activated the emergency response mechanism for major disasters and accidents, quickly opened the green channel for claims settlement, and implemented quick processing and quick claims.

The eight service measures launched by China Pacific Insurance include: 7*24 hours acceptance of report and consultation, proactive investigation of customer insurance information, multi-channel access to disaster victims information, no insurance policy service, simplified claim settlement procedures, cancellation of designated hospitals and fee restrictions, provision of prepaid and door-to-door services Provide corresponding disaster prevention and loss prevention services, provide humanistic care services, pay indemnities in a timely manner in the time and method accepted by customers, and honor policy commitments.

  Taiping Life Insurance said that the head office and Sichuan branch launched the emergency plan for major emergencies as soon as possible, opened the green channel for claims settlement, quickly responded to insurance services, simplified claims application procedures, and paid first for the list and identities of victims announced by government agencies. , and supplement materials later; cancel claims hospital restrictions, reduce or exempt accident certificates, simplify claim materials, and simplify identification procedures;

  In addition, a number of insurance companies stated that they will continue to pay attention to the release of government information and related reporting information, make every effort to do a good job in emergency response, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to do follow-up work such as rescue claims.

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