At the navigation device manufacturer Tomtom, every tenth job falls victim to ongoing automation.

The Dutch company announced on Wednesday that around 500 employees would be laid off as part of the reorganization of the navigation device division.

It is now possible to make maps increasingly automated and thus more efficient.

As a result, more customers could be addressed, said company boss Harold Goddijn.

The badly battered Tomtom share rose slightly.

ING analyst Marc Hesselink assumes that the cuts will primarily affect low-paid workers.

According to him, the savings and restructuring costs should balance each other out at 30 million euros.

Tomtom plans to give details on July 15th.

Tomtom's customers include Volkswagen, Renault, Uber and Microsoft.

The company has been suffering from supply bottlenecks in the industry for a long time, which are also having an impact on production.