Zhongxin Finance, June 1st. The National Bureau of Statistics WeChat public account "Statistics WeChat" reported on May 31st that on May 30th, the National Bureau of Statistics held a video conference on the mobilization and deployment of a special rectification work for the problem of statistical fraud and non-restraint. .

Kang Yi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, made a mobilization speech.

  Kang Yi pointed out that statistical fraud and falsification are the biggest corruption in the field of statistics and the biggest damage to the credibility of government statistics.

  Kang Yi said that at present, the problem of non-stop and non-convergence of statistical fraud in some localities still exists. We need to attach great importance to it, and fully understand the long-term, complex and arduous nature of the fight against statistical fraud and fraudulent behavior. "Responsibility, fight against statistical fraud and fraud.

  Kang Yi emphasized that the responsibility for preventing and punishing statistical fraud and falsification is heavier than Mount Tai.

Statistical departments should adhere to problem orientation and goal orientation, adhere to both the symptoms and root causes, and implement comprehensive policies, focus on prominent areas, key areas, and major methods of statistical fraud, and comprehensively take comprehensive self-inspection, key random inspections, law enforcement inspections, and notification and exposure, and other measures, and link up and down. , internal and external coordination, multi-pronged approach to carry out centralized rectification, and effectively implement the "four must-checks" such as must-check power intervention, must-check "data rent-seeking", must-check lax law enforcement, and must check-in and out of the warehouse, etc., and vigorously promote Strictly and quickly investigate and deal with a number of major statistical violation cases, seriously hold accountable a group of leading cadres for statistical violations of discipline and law, and report a batch of typical cases of statistical fraud, and establish and improve a long-term mechanism for preventing and punishing statistical fraud. , continue to consolidate and deepen the results of special corrections.