Pablo Hernández de Cos has been clear in transferring the complex reality and the implications of the runaway inflation that Spain is suffering: "A good that the Spanish economy does not produce has become more expensive", and the consequence is "

we are poorer than before

" .

"The loss is inescapable, and the only thing we can do is spread the loss", stressed the Governor of the Bank of Spain during his appearance in Congress so that the honorable Members of him understand well what the real situation is.

And in that "distribution of the loss", Hernández de Cos has been equally clear in stating that pensioners and civil servants must also be part of the income pact that is being demanded from companies and workers in the private sector.

That is, that

public salaries and pensions should not rise at the same rate as the CPI

, something that the Government has already promised in the second case and that it plans to apply in the first from next year onwards.

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