Zhongxin Finance, June 1st. On the 1st, eight departments including the Ministry of Commerce and the State Post Bureau issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Work of Connecting the County's Rural E-commerce System and Express Logistics and Distribution System" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

The "Notice" proposes to encourage qualified villages to deploy smart express boxes, and to support the development of the "e-commerce + origin warehouse + express logistics" warehouse-distribution integration model in agricultural product origins.

  The "Notice" proposes to improve infrastructure and optimize network layout.

Encourage all localities to strengthen the construction of express logistics distribution infrastructure in counties and villages in light of their actual conditions, upgrade and transform county-level logistics distribution centers, and provide warehousing, distribution and distribution centers for townships, villages and local production and distribution enterprises, postal express enterprises, cooperatives, family farms and other entities. Picking, transit, distribution and other services.

Guide rural postal and express logistics enterprises to use existing facilities and resources to cooperate in the construction of township service stations.

Relying on public service facilities such as village post station, Yinong information agency, village committee and other convenient commercial facilities such as mom-and-pop stores, convenience stores, and e-commerce service sites, set up village-level comprehensive service stations for delivery and logistics to realize "multi-station integration, one-point-more-point-more" Can, multi-purpose network."

Encourage qualified villages to deploy smart express boxes (letter boxes) and express delivery points.

Through infrastructure construction,

a rural express logistics distribution system with county-level logistics distribution centers, township outlets with distribution functions, and village-level post-delivery logistics comprehensive service stations as the main body has been basically formed


  The "Notice" also proposes to integrate express logistics resources and improve distribution efficiency.

Support the coordinated development of rural e-commerce, express logistics and distribution.

Guide various entities such as e-commerce, postal service, supply and marketing, express delivery, logistics, and commercial and trade circulation to carry out market-oriented cooperation, and promote the "five unifications" of warehousing, collection, sorting, transportation, and distribution, venues, vehicles, personnel, operations, and management " Five integrations” to improve express logistics and distribution capabilities.

Encourage qualified rural areas to explore smart logistics

, rely on cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of rural express logistics, and build an integrated express logistics distribution service system such as warehousing, sorting, distribution, and value-added services. .

Give play to the basic supporting role of the postal network in remote areas, and encourage postal express companies to integrate terminal delivery resources to meet the basic delivery needs of people in remote areas.

Support the development of the "e-commerce + production area warehouse + express logistics" warehouse and distribution integration model in agricultural production areas, and improve the upward efficiency of agricultural products.