Demand for gas stations before and during the application of the new price hikes

Late yesterday evening, fuel distribution stations across the country witnessed a remarkable turnout of cars ahead of the implementation of the new price hikes that the Fuel Price Follow-up Committee decided to implement on the first of June, following the changes in oil prices at global levels.

"Emirates Today" monitored a field tour of fuel distribution stations in the late hours of yesterday evening, after the announcement of the new prices for fuel, the presence of cars and queues that extended outside the stations in some areas, while the tour revealed the continued demand for stations during the first hour of the start of applying the new prices.

Drivers reported that they went to try to fill up their cars with fuel before the new prices were applied, but the long queues for cars forced them to wait until the new prices began to be applied.

The driver, Muhammad Abdullah, indicated that he "waited for a while in the car queues at the gas station until he was surprised by the application of the new price increases at twelve o'clock in the morning of the first of June, which forced him to wait until he refueled his car."

The driver, Hussein Ahmed, added that "after arriving at the fuel pumping device, he was surprised by the start of the application of the new prices, and he thought that they would be applied at late times, and the long queues kept him from thinking about the date of application."

The driver, Abu Bakr Abdel Rahman, indicated that "he went to more than one station, but he faced difficulties in waiting in queues, which forced him to go to a remote station to distribute fuel and had to wait in queues even after the application of the new prices for fuel, especially since some pumping devices due to the increase in demand saw that they ran out of fuel." This forced the workers to direct cars to other devices until the devices were refilled.

Yesterday evening, the fuel price follow-up committee in the country approved new increases, including an increase in the prices of gasoline and its derivatives “Super 98”, “Special 95”, starting from the first of next June, with a value ranging between 48 and 49 fils per liter, while The price of a liter of diesel recorded an increase of six fils compared to May prices.

The price of a liter of “Super 98” gasoline, as of the beginning of June, increased from 3.66 dirhams previously, to 4.15 dirhams, an increase of 49 fils, while the price of a liter of “Special 95” gasoline increased from 3.55 dirhams, to 4.03 Dirhams, with an increase of 48 fils.

The price of a liter of diesel increased from 4.08 dirhams per liter previously, to 4.14 dirhams, an increase of six fils.

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